CheatCC Preview: Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood - Sonic RPG details

CheatCC writes: "Sonic, Sega's blazing fast blue mascot, has been around forever. He's been in a variety of different games, but the vast majority of them have all been straight-up, high-speed platforming adventures -- they suit the hedgehog quite well. But now, BioWare, still on a roll from its highly successful 360 title Mass Effect, is taking the series in a new direction. Sonic and his pals now meet the intricacies and addiction of the role playing genre. The story of Dark Brotherhood starts out fairly simply and won't be much surprise to big Sonic fans. Sonic is on vacation and gets a call about Tails being kidnapped by a mysterious entity known only as the "Marauders." Six of the ever-coveted Chaos Emeralds are also missing, so it's up to Sonic to get to the bottom of things. There are a number of significant plot twists which are still under wraps, of course, but you can definitely look forward to Dark Brotherhood to keep you intrigued with its plot. Additionally, there are a number of dialogue options that you have which can affect the way the story proceeds. "

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