PC Games Market Much Stronger Than Consoles Say Industry Analysts

The reports say that the industry can be expected to grow from $67 billion this year to $82 billion in 2017. The forecast includes everything from dedicated console games and hardware as well as PC games, tablets and mobile platforms like the iPhone and the Android.

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ATi_Elite2279d ago

Ah the truth shall set you free!

In many countries they do not sell Xbox360 or PS3 but they have PC's like friggin Brazil and all those Gamers down there that are taking over BattlefieldFree2Play.

"Learn to capture the Got Dam Flags"!

someone translate that into Portuguese for me Please!!

Somebody2279d ago

There's a reason a lot of game developers are releasing their online/free to play games in China while MS have been very busy trying to penetrate the Japanese market with its X Box.

Ignoring the PC while going head-to-head with another industry giant (Sony) in very long, drawn out console war is not the best of ideas. Tunnel vision is good in some cases but there will always some innovations that will derail all of your plans. Mobile devices, online distribution, free-to-play, Steam to name a few. Now both are hurrying to get themselves ready to get into the fray -integrating every known MS components into XBL and Sony buying up Gaikai.

daggertoes832279d ago

could not agree more. I would love to get into some pc gaming. The graphics are amazing. I just dont know enough about pcs. Went online to get some ideas how to start and didnt even know what i was reading.

ATi_Elite2279d ago

Just send me a PM with your questions and concerns!

I'm always happy to help someone get into PC Gaming.

It's very easy!

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IbianPahiva2279d ago

well for the record they sell PS3 and X360 in Brasil the difference is that they sell them already pirated out of the box because everything thats imported (like Games) gets a 60% tax so a game of 60\70$ or € gets sold there for about 140\150+ $\€.

also in brasil 70% of the population uses internet but only 30% have PC's at their home that's because they use lanhouse's A LOT.

oh and for ATI_Elite :) i will happily translate it 4 u.

"Aprendam a capturar as malditas bandeiras"!

ATi_Elite2279d ago

OMG! Thank You!

I've been playing BFp4F at work (yeh I'm a slacker, A Gamer is gonna Game) and man those gamers from Brazil do not have a clue!

Gonna make this my screen name in that game!!!

yabhero2279d ago

As a person who is going to buy a PC for gaming and the end of this month and a person who just got a PS3, I have a hard time believing this. Then again, based on how expensive PC gaming can be, I would say the average PC gamer has access to more funds.

starchild2279d ago

The initial outlay for a gaming PC is more than consoles, but not nearly as much as many people assume. The cost of PC gaming over the long run on the other hand I have found to be cheaper than console gaming due to the lower game prices and Steam sales.

exsturminator012278d ago

Yeah, I'm with Starchild on this one. Buying the PC seems steep, but the games tend to drop in price more quickly, not to mention all the free-to-play stuff out there now as well (MOBA's, MMO's, Casuals). Also, when next-gen rolls around, you can upgrade your PC for a hundred bucks on new graphics or ram, versus the $300 starting price of a new console. I still like to have a PS3 in the house for Blu-Ray and exclusives, but most of my gaming has shifted to PC and its been a lot cheaper.

urwifeminder2279d ago

I spent 1600 bux on a pc went way over the top but its what i wanted custom not off the shelf im no pc expert i have had some probs but google helps solve most things, other times its just messing around with configs im playing some multiplats i played on 360 and ps3 and wow smooth crisp full 1080p no jaggies extra detail and mods really happy.

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