Digital Foundry vs. PS2 Classics on PlayStation 3

EuroGamer: PS2 backwards compatibility remains something of a contentious issue for PlayStation 3 users. US and Japanese launch models featured the principle PS2 hardware built into the system, making for excellent support for almost all legacy PlayStation titles and the ability to run older games with a precision HDMI output. By the time the EU launch rolled up months later, the design was altered, removing the PS2 CPU - dubbed the Emotion Engine - and replacing it with software emulation to mixed results. With Sony still haemorrhaging cash on PS3 production, all PS2 components were removed by October 2007, and backwards compatibility was no more.

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PoSTedUP2746d ago

still playing socom 2 online after more then a decade. they're probably doing it for money, take out BC then you can charge people for games they already have. i would totally pay for socom2 again if they HD remaked it or just put it on the store, then more ppl would be playing it.

isarai2745d ago

No Sony just really fucked up, they made the old PS3s BC through hardware, so the software can focus on other things. People bitched about the price so they took it out to have a price drop. Now they really don't have any other way to do it because adding the hardware back would make the price go up causing an uproar and the software was never structured to handle the emulation of PS2 games. I for one really don't care, it's not like $10 is a lot of money, i spend that much grabbing something to eat

mysterym2746d ago

Great, except the emulator should be free, both the wii and 360 support backwards compatibility so Sony should do the right thing.

Skate-AK2745d ago

360's BC is limited. It's not like you can play every Xbox game on a 360.

mysterym2745d ago

You can play a large percentage of the games

Far more than nothing!