Forza Horizon pre-order on sale for $15 off

XMNR: If the open-world racing concept of Forza Horizon catches your fancy then you may want to head over to Newegg where the pre-order for the Xbox 360 game is $15 for the weekend of July 21, 2012.

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ChunkyLover532305d ago

Dang, I already have the CE version pre-ordered.

CernaML2305d ago

Suuuuper tempting... but I'm not really in the best position to spend money at the moment. lmao

B_Rian892305d ago

I dont have a 360 but this game makes me wish I did. I can't justify owning one for a single game tho. Oh well i guess I'll try to borrow my borther's and rent Horizon

Patriots_Pride2305d ago

Dude here you go

If you can not afford $50 for a working 360 then you need to find another hobby.

B_Rian892304d ago

i guess you didnt see the part where I said i cant justify having one for a single game?

Patriots_Pride2304d ago

Why can you justify it? You were going borrow or rent one anyways so why not just save $10 a week for 5 weeks and get one so you dont have to bother your brother.

B_Rian892304d ago

if i were to buy one i would get a brand new one. the one in his link was used and probably has a higher chance of breaking.
And I don't need to save money for a few weeks. I could go buy one now if I wanted to.
I can borrow my brother's because he barely uses it and I can rent Forza Horizon's from Gamefly and return them both when I'm tired of it.