Preview of Rayman Origins by Ubisoft on PS Vita by Gaming on Batteries

Triverse writes, "Dustin Vogler, contributing scribe with Gaming on Batteries Magazine, puts Ubisoft’s latest 2D outing through the bounces and jumps and details his thoughts on it’s quality, standing in the long running series and if you should buy it. Rayman Origins is a 2D sidescrolling run and jump action adventure title that returns to gaming roots in game play tethered with an all new, hi resolution art style that fans expect of the limbless Rayman."

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fredrikpedersen2746d ago

What do you mean, preview? This has been out since launch. I should know, it's the game I've played the most on my Vita

triverse2746d ago

It is a preview of the coverage in the magazine that we launched Friday.