Preview of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D on Nintendo 3DS by Gaming on Batteries

Triverse writes, "There are few franchises that hold as striking a personal relation to their fans as the Zelda franchise. The story is always magical and set in amazing worlds that allow gamers to escape to something different and unique each time. Carl Burton, one of our resident UK scribes, sits down with the 3D remake of the Nintendo 64 title and discusses the differences, improvements and why this version may be better than the original (not just because it is portable)."

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GuruStarr783149d ago

A little late for a 'preview' on this game, wouldn't you say?

triverse3149d ago

It is a preview of the full review that is available in the mag, something to give readers a taste of what the mag has to offer.

Yes, a straight up preview of the game is a little late now.