5 mistakes Sony shouldn't repeat with the PS4

Microsoft and Sony both made some mistakes this current gen, here's five that hopefully won't be repeated.

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RaidensRising2745d ago

I think it's inevitable that problems occur one way or another with console launches but hopefully Sony will play a smarter game this time.

Red_Orange_Juice2745d ago

whenever there is a news from msxbox-world the site goes down like 4 times out of 5

blitz06232744d ago

For me they only need to fix 2 mistakes - reasonable price and good launch games.

BC too, though it will most likely come through the cloud. And my PS3 is BC so I'm not too high on that one. Always nice to have BC readily available when you get a PS4 tho.

HammadTheBeast2744d ago

Haven't clicked the link yet so they dont get any hits from me with their flaimbait, but I'm guessing the PSN hack was a mistake? I like how everyone except an Ms-Xbox site has forgotten that....

bunt-custardly2744d ago

Except there's no mention of the hack at all in the article.

Tainted Gene2744d ago

lol, nice one Sherlock

sorry that was mean...

Parasyte2744d ago

Hack wasn't even mentioned in the article, and if you are going to troll, at least spell the word "flame" right.

yabhero2744d ago

They need to not overdose on hardware so its selling at a 200 dollar loss at $500. This means no power level over 9000. Sorry to disappoint.

Whitefeather2745d ago

Nice...A PS4 article from an Xbox 360 site...I've seen it all now.

Chug2745d ago

I thought the "Standard features missed" was amusing coming from a xbox site.

The 360 launched without hdmi and there was also a model that didn't even include a hard drive.

Whitefeather2745d ago

Yeah that was chuckle worthy.

GribbleGrunger2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

and don't forget no Blu-ray or web browser... in fact the list is pretty big when you start going into it. But you know, lies become truths if you say them often enough

skrug2744d ago

don't forget no wifi built in

Chug2744d ago

Also, no built in battery in controller. Play and charge kit sold separately.

Oh_Yeah2744d ago

also didnt come with multiplayer unless you had an extra 150$ or so on you for the one year + adapter. also didnt come with the ability to put your own 2.5 sata hard drive in. also didnt come with the ability to play mp4 etc video files until around a 2008 update. also didnt come with the ability to BE F IN QUIET until 2010.

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cstyle2745d ago

Their biggest problem was arrogance. This gen's results will certainly change that next gen.

Xperia_ion2745d ago

You mistake arrogance for confidence, learn the difference. When PS3 launched it was the cheapest Blu ray on the market and it launched with wifi

cstyle2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

"You mistake arrogance for confidence, learn the difference."

You see that's the main problem right there.
Just because you launch something with the latest technology with a high price it sure as hell doesn't mean people are gonna go out and buy it just because you attach a name to it.

They were indeed arrogant thinking people were gonna jump just because of BR and their name. I don't care what you put inside a console, if the price is too high and you don't properly support it with good launch games people will not buy it. If you don't believe that then watch sony launch the ps4 with a cheaper price and with better launch games. No my friend, its you that has confused arrogance and confidence. If they are so confident, then the price of ps3 would still be 599.00. Just face it, sony fucked up this gen by over engineering the ps3. Stop being blind fanboy because even sony sid the exact things I just did.

Here, why don't you educate yourself and stop acting like sony can do no wrong. If everything was all peachy the ps division wouldn't of lost almost 3 billion dollars.


JayD-1K2744d ago

@ cstyle,
"Stop being a blind fanboy!"
You have a lot to say about Sony and their arrogance, what about MS?

A lot of stupid people believed everything that came out of MS's PR mouths about how everything that Sony and the PS3 brought to the table at launch was not needed! But if you look at what the 360 has today, it looks a lot like the 60gb PS3!

You know, he never said Sony could do no me (and according to what MS has done to the 360 to catch up to the PS3 in features), they did a lot of things right! And at the time, the price was spot on! I haven't had to pay $400 for a DVD player since, I bought my first one back in 1999!

The one thing Sony did wrong with the launch (and continues to screw up) is advertising! If people would have known and understood what the PS3 was/is capable of, it might have been a different story.

mysterym2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@JayD except most people have no clue about specs, they wanted to see something tangibly different hence the wii did amazingly.

Also after the success of the ps2, I'm sure plenty knew what to expect of the ps3, however the price put them off. Did you get your ps3 on day 1, come on be honest?

JayD-1K2742d ago

@ mysterym,

Actually I did buy my system day2! Had it pre-ordered!

And once again, at the bare minimum, if you can see if a blue ray player is going $800+ and you can get one for $600???! You don't have to be a genius to see the deal!

But that all goes back to Sony not advertising correctly! There were people who thought that a DVD wouldn't playin the machines......I mean, how stupid do you have to be??

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sikbeta2745d ago

Their Biggest problem was setting a high price for the PS3, they could have been super arrogant and launch a $400 console, sales could have been huge and people wouldn't even care about their attitude :P

Anon19742745d ago

Consider at the time though the PS2 was still going fairly strong. Sony did the same thing they do with stereo components or TV's. They had a high end entry and a lower end entry system. I don't think consumer choice is ever a bad thing.

And it worked for them. People were always moaning about slow system sales of the PS3 due to it's price point but the actual sales numbers don't back that up. The PS3 has handily outsold the 360 head 2 head since it became available worldwide, and was even matching and then exceeding PS2 numbers up until the economy started to go to hell.

People talk about Sony's mistakes with the PS3 but the system sold better than it's closest competitor, it helped cement Blu-Ray as the accepted Hi-def format and the Entertainment Division has really been the only bright spot for Sony for years. There's no reason to think the PS3 won't have sold 80 million consoles or more before the PS4 launches, and that's not to say the PS3 won't continue to be supported just like the PS2.

HammadTheBeast2744d ago

Actuslly, if you werent illiterate, you would know that the PS brand has always been profitable for Sony. And if we're gonna talk about mistakes, how about we acknowledge RROD (56% chance of getting it in first 1-1.5 years of buying your xbox).

And you're certainly being arrogant by discrediting Xperia's opinion like that.

homer2744d ago

Nintendo made more money during the ps2/gcn era than sony made from playstation 2 over that period of time. You should blindly follow them.

GenHero2744d ago

"Actually*, if you weren't illiterate, you would know that the PS brand has always been profitable for Sony."
um no it hasn't

StreetsofRage2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Advertising? Seriously? You think that a name brand like the playstation needs advertising? Especially since the ps1 and ps2 sold tons???

Sony came in to this gen with their noses in the air and it cost them. But it was a well needed learning experience, they will do much better with the ps4.

I'll add bluray with that list. Sony failed with bluray. I have yet seen an exclusive game on the ps3 that uses the bluray to the max...except for ones that use tons of cinematic footage. We were promised games with bigger levels and bigger worlds. Skyrim and GTA4 destroy everything sony has in terms of size. In fact, most of Sony's best titles are short linear games. Simple point A to point B games. Games with boxed levels.

Add the fact, that disc media has pretty much disappeared since the ps3 started.... just as I predicted. Everything is streaming now.

They'll learn from their arrogance and do much better next gen.

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Frankfurt2745d ago

Sony went from the PS2 in first place (far above anything EVER in the history of videogames)... to LAST PLACE and being a joke in the industry.

Their arrogance (remember their PS2 slide at E3 where they bragged about how the race was "over" and it wasn't a race at all?) only makes the PS3's failure even funnier.

PS3's exclusives sell less than popular XBLA titles, and their multiplats look and perform worse than on the 360 (158 to 41 for the XBox, at last Digital Foundry count - that's a hilarious margin).

There's no reason to own a PS3.

Xperia_ion2745d ago

How bout the exclusive games and bluray package ? Your one bubble is funny

chrisarsenalsavart2745d ago

you re absolutely right.
that is why playstation outsell xbox360 on a weekly basis, because they don,t see Any value in it.

homer2744d ago

Why is it that when MS announced they sold the most over 2011 during e3, Sony didn't claim otherwise? Probably because the 360 sold more last year than ps3 and still has more systems sold than ps3 currently. Not to mention they are making a ton of money on the 360 while ps3 is still trying to recoup massive losses. Don't play sales, because sony can't win that game anymore.

insomnium22745d ago

Well aint that a trolling comment right there. i wonder how long it will take untill they take it down.

thehusbo2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Theres no reason to own a ps3? Well I can say there's no reason to own an xbox seeing as hardly there's hardly any AAA exclusives currently on it or on the horizon except for the usual halo and gears of war. And unless you already own a cable box what's the point? That's all Microsoft seem to be doing. Adding tv channels and a few apps. Halo and gears are the only Xbox exclusives that sell. The only other relatively big exclusives are fable and forza, and as we've seen they can't sell without bundles. And I'm not in the market for kinect shovel ware thanks. So what's the point of owning an Xbox? Microsoft has abandoned the hardcore and your just mad about it. See I can troll too. It's not that difficult.

Also find it funny how cstyle is talking about fanboys. Lol.. Jog on.

HammadTheBeast2744d ago

Is funny, since you have to pay 60 a year, plus 8 a month just for netflix.

NastyLeftHook02744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

honestly i know your trolling for giggles and laughs right now but seriously, if you havent played ps3 exclusive games, you missed out big time. sorry but its true.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2744d ago

PS3 is 2 million units behind with 1 sale year less than 360.

It had a rough start, but no way I wouldn't call it a failure.

YodaCracker2744d ago

The PS3 is 3.3 million behind as of Sony's latest fiscal results, but that's beside the point when we are over 6 years into the generation. You speak of the 360 and PS3 as if they both started from the same situation, when they did not. The PS3 was the successor to the best-selling console in history, which absolutely dominated the video game industry with over 75% market share. The original Xbox was Microsoft's first console and could barely compete.

For the Xbox 360 to even come close to PS3's sales this gen, let alone outsell it, is a massive victory. The PS3 should have sold on brand name alone, and it clearly did, but after the success of the PS2, there's no way you can call it anything but a failure. You can come up with countless excuses like the PS3 releasing a year late or the price points, but the point is the PS3 has been nowhere near as successful as the other PS consoles. The PS3 reaching 60 million sales is nowhere near the same accomplishment as the 360 reaching 60 million sales. The 360 will have more than tripled its predecessor's sales by the end of this gen, while the PS3 has halved the sales of the PS2. Microsoft has firmly planted themselves as a competitor in the industry, while Sony has only made the PlayStation brand's future questionable.

StreetsofRage2744d ago

Yoda nailed it right in the head! Bubbles for intelligence. Rare on this site.

insomnium22743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

My god yoda and streetsofgare! We also had the worst dip in economy right in the effing middle of this gen. The more expensive luxury items are the first to be cut from peoples' shopping lists when they loose their jobs.

Anyway i have a feeling MS will cut x360 pretty soon after the next one hits and PS3 will be supported for like 8-10 years longer so I think in lifetime sales you are getting the egg on your face come 2020. You don't care after nextgen hits? I never would've guessed that....I guess you don't count PS2 sales either right?

This is the problem with you MS folks. You are brainwashed to think that if a game's sales are not above 3 million in 2 weeks from it's launch it is not a success. Same with consoles. Sony has always talked about a 10 year cycle with PS3. Come back after they've stopped producing them and we'll talk lifetime sales.

@jazz below:

My god your comment is such a fanboy comment. How is it they still haven't banned your ass?

Jazz41082744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Streets of rage and frankfurt...we'll said. Sony is arroragnt and went from a 200 billion dollar co to only being worth 13 billion. They went from first to last place in consoles and there fans still think they are doing well and can do no wrong. Talk about blind fanboys on here. There only weapon anymore is to turn it back on ms who's kicking there butt in profits and game and software sales. Sony really has no denfense unless you count the sdf lol at $ony. Btw I think this article is to counter the playstation site 2 days ago that wrote about the 360 and was very biased, so here's one in return. Pay back.

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ChunkyLover532745d ago

This is actually a solid list.

I seriously doubt the PS4 has backwards compatibility though. It would be impossible if they aren't using the Cell for the PS4.

I think the PS4 needs to launch with some kind of headset like the article says. Whenever I play games on PS3 like COD, it seems like nobody talks or has a headset hooked up.

Lower price point is a MUST. I usually wont pay $500 for a console. $399 is about as high as I'll go for new hardware.

I think the PS4 will come our shortly after the next Xbox, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Enate2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Funny thing about the headset is I find most people have them they just cut it off. An if I am not playing with friends I usually keep mine off as well. An end up muting the rest of the room anyway. Usually if I start talking on the mic the room begins to light up. I rarely cut on my mic when I am doing my solo thing on cod. Though I have if someone ask for me by name or ask a question I can answer.

My biggest thing is quality hardware, I have gone through 2 PS3's with YLOD I play a lot. When you pay 600 for a console you expect it to last more then 3 years. At the very least come with a warranty that covers console failures that are not your fault for 5 years minimum.

As far as BC goes I think some part of it will be handled by gaikai.

ChunkyLover532745d ago

Gaikai isn't backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility is putting in a disk you already own and being able to play it in the new hardware. I don't want to have to pay for games I've already bought.

I think its not a huge request, and you could always say "Hold on to your PS3", which is true, but there is only so much space on an entertainment center. I usually buy all the consoles, so right now my entertainment center has PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and a Dreamcast. I know the Wii U will be backwards compatible with the Wii, so I'm covered there, but the PS4 is up in the air with BC and I am almost sure the Xbox 720 will be BC.

Also, everyone says they have headsets on PS3, but when you play Battlefield, COD, Killzone, Resistance and nobody talks and there isn't even a headset indicator, I tend to believe that people just don't have them. What is the point in playing a game that requires teamwork if nobody is communicating?

I believe a universal headset would go a long way in helping with this, it will also promote quality control, because the few times I've come across people with a headset, the quality of the voice chat was god awful to say the least.

mysterym2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@chunky, correct the ps4 won't have BC with ps3, it's virtually impossible to emulate 7 spe's running at 3.2ghz running on a processor that probably will only clock that high.

Oh and fuck Gaikai, if I don't get a true 1-1 experience with bc I'm not interested - additional latency and compression pixilation can be the domain of those that don't know any better. I just want to put in my ps3 blurays and play.

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