Crysis 3: Crytek promises more freedom and greater respect for the protagonist

In Crysis 3, the world will again be in contrast to its predecessor. In addition, the German developer Crytek will be redirecting the focus of the plot. So the story of the upcoming first person shooter will show greater respect for the protagonist.

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dedicatedtogamers2281d ago

"More freedom" doesn't necessarily mean "as much freedom as the first Crysis". C'mon, bring back the huge, free-form maps again, Crytek.

Frankfurt2281d ago

Those disagrees show how much the average gamer likes to have their hands held and treated like babies.

Crysis 1 gave you an objective and you could do it however you wanted it. Through water (swimming or by boat), land, jumping down on their heads from high above, planting explosives stealthly, walking in guns blazing, going melee on everyone, putting explosives in a car, jumping off and setting the bomb... You name it.

You could go straight there or you could swim to a place you knew had weapons and explosives to get ready. You could go around their base then come back, you could grab a tank, you could shoot trees so they would fall over them, you could even shoot down an helicopter so it would fall over their heads in a lucky shot.

THAT is a game with real GAMEPLAY. Where your actions MATTER. Crysis 2 was "cinematic" BS.

When i want to "watch", i buy a Blu-Ray, not a videogame.

pandehz2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

'When I want to watch I buy a Blu-Ray'

Soo fricking true mate, i tell my friends exactly the same. Movies have the advantage of the film craft and invisible storytelling methods, games dont need to embrace that completely. Games have their own language and craft and should do what games do best, play out like a game should.

Game that we can play and not press escape.Recent annoyance in Max Payne 3( well built game but a cutscene after every 2 min of shooting is just wrong)

Crysis 1 was soo badass, many ppl have not played it so they dont know what they missed out. All the things you mentioned plus it had a good story and suprising story twists and locales etc.

Crysis 2 was a race through set pieces to get to a cutscene or point where the story was told. In Crysis 1 the story unfolded as we played without having to resort to cutscenes all the time(it had its share of cutscenes but they moved the story forward in ab ig way and not like crysis 2 where scan the field cutscene, sneak and take out a guy stscene every tiny bit cutscene blah).

Eg: Slow revelation of island and mountain, zero g, frozen etc

So yea I agree man. I think they all went for the COD hype and thought we can add our 2 cents of COD flavour. What they forgot was Crysis 1 was never COD it was way better.

Also we all know why they removed Maximum Speed for Crysis 2. If they dont bring back Maximum Speed for Crysis 3 then we know its gonna be the same breed of turd as 2

Baka-akaB2281d ago

seriously . I dont like Crysis 1 , but it's identity was far better and unique as a free roaming fps , than some holywood cinematic BS like every other fps out there .

So far all they are saying for Crysis 3 is that they are squeezing the hand less tight .

FarCryLover1822281d ago

I liked Crysis 2's campaign, but the characters dialogue was pretty terrible and I felt nothing for the characters. But it was a fun experience.

hiredhelp2281d ago

original far cry was bigger than crysis 1, Did not have the engine as crysis because crytek started out back then. But in terms of open space far cry takes the spot.

Crysis 1 was very differnt all thoe it made you feel the maps where bigger in actual fact you had limits.
But the way the maps where set out the lush enviroments made the maps feel huge.

Crysis was the proper stealth crysis most of us know and love because of the options you could choose Example go in guns blazing ,Or hide take your time flank be stealthy.

Crysis 2 was more action than stealth was it beter engine of course dont be daft think otherwise.
You put the cry engine 3 in crysis 1 and yours jaw drop.
That said visually crysis 1 was amazing ive used mods quality mods too for high res textures by god first time hit the beach i saw turtle i was there for first 5minutes watching the shell the depth detail and how 3D it was awsome.

FarCryLover1822281d ago

Well yeah, Crysis 1 was a much better campaign experience than Crysis 2. That's a fact.

Trenta272281d ago

Crysis 2 with DX11 and high res textures? Oh my god...

Welshy2281d ago

Create a bigger open world if you like, but i'd rather you spent more time on the mediocre gameplay Crytek!

Seriously, they never shut up about graphics, surroundings etc, but not once have they committed to making it more fun to PLAY instead of look at.

tachy0n2281d ago

its not the game's fault that you dont got enough brain cells to play it how it suppose to be... crysis aint COD or Battlefield.

Welshy2281d ago

I'm fully aware of that, my point being that hald way through the game when all the power goes out, it DOES turn into a sub-par COD because all the tactical open ended stuff goes away.

it was a poorly designed game from a gameplay standpoint and was painfully mediocre.

NYC_Gamer2281d ago

Crysis 3 will be boring with a generic story and limited gameplay

tachy0n2280d ago

battlefield 4 and COD BO2 will be boring as well, point and shot the russians again...