What Franchises Should Rocksteady Tackle?

"Rocksteady has really made a name for itself since its founding in 2004. Though the studio has only three games under its belt, two of those are the critically-acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, which have been lauded for being so faithful to the source material. It’s clear that Rocksteady can’t continue working on Batman games until the end of time, though there is plenty of material to draw from, but the question is what direction should the studio take once they are finished with the Dark Knight’s story?"

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NukaCola3107d ago

Spawn needs a good game. he is an awesome character who has never received his worthy title yet.

NYC_Gamer3107d ago

100% agree,Spawn would be the perfect franchise for Rocksteady.

Ck1x3107d ago

They would so do an amazing game on Spawn... Not to mention, I would like to see another movie as well sometime soon

Whitefeather3107d ago

They work for WB so I doubt they'd be able to do Marvel without a lot of contracts.

whitesoxfalife19763107d ago

good question, how about superman..

teedogg803107d ago

I was gonna say the same thing. I bet they could make a really great Superman game. We sure need one.

ginsunuva3107d ago

There is Man of Steel coming out soon, so they could ride on some popularity like with TDK.

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The story is too old to be commented.