Dead Space 3: EA’s Marketing Team Should Be Sacked

What exactly is Electronic Arts thinking?

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StarFox2739d ago

"Dead Space 2 managed to increase both the horror and action in perfect ratios" Huh? i know this person is trying to argue for the core, but to say that dead space 2 actually increased in horror is beyond far-fetched. if anything DS2 actually decreased in horror and increased in action. if you think otherwise then you obviously haven't played neither 1 or 2.

floetry1012739d ago

The exact problem I have with the game. Dead Space 2 wasn't a bad game by any means, but the scare factor is decidedly less inspiring.

There doesn't seem to be a way to market a horror game successfully any more. The best horror titles have been dwindling for years, whether it be poor sales numbers (Silent Hill) or an action orientated gore-fest (Resident Evil, Dead Space). It's a vicious cycle.

InTheLab2739d ago

You're right but there was still plenty of horror or at least, attempts at horror.

the dead kids in the residential area
those creepy dudes that peak around corners
the trip back to the Ishimura

There's more action but at least they tried to balance it.

DeadSpaced2739d ago

Not to mention the Church level. And when you see and argue with your dead girlfriend, that was freaky. But I feel like they could have made the environment.

I'll always remember going through the apartments while you hear crowds scream in terror. I wish they would have explored that a little more.

Human Analog2739d ago

The developers even said that the test audience for DS1 said it was too tense, and never let up on the stressfulness. In an interview in Game Informer just before DS2 came out they said that they gave the game "breathing room" and made it less about horror and more about pacing it. Obviously they didn't do their research. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just uninformed. Personally I loved the relentless stress levels of DS1 to be a good thing. Unfortunately most people have a different opinion of horror.

BoneIdle2739d ago

I stopped after reading the line "I don't know her but she doesn't strike me as the gaming type"

If you don't know someone and have not done any research into who she is why make wild assumptions about her?

Robotronfiend2739d ago

They don't care about the individual type of fan. IF they lost every single fan of the series from DS1 and DS2, but they drew in twice as many action game fans they would be happy. If they don't plan to go further with the franchise i'm sure the idea is to get as much cash from this one as possible.

FarCryLover1822739d ago

All I know is, is that the Dead Space 2 "your mother plays and is scared" (or whatever they said), was AWFUL. Sounded like they were advertising for little children.

Wingsfan242739d ago

What are you talking about, just about every woman on that marketing project was an older lady who more than likely has grandchildren by now. The games rated M for a reason. If they had used younger moms you'd be correct.

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