Lara Croft Reboot: Vulnerability Galore

So game designers acknowledged that a pin-up girl was problematic, but responded with “realism” that was not so real. Now, in 2012, Tomb Raider has another reboot that attempts to make Lara realistic through… vulnerability?

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Ostercy2735d ago

There's another aspect of the new Lara that they haven't highlighted much. It may be acceptable for them to break her down physically to build her back up as a hardass - I can't tell yet. But what we also know from the various developer Q and A sessions is that she will no longer be an aristocrat, not longer be a university educated archaeologist and may not even be 100% English any more. So they are reducing her status not only by making her weak physically but by fiddling with her iconic status as a English woman, making her dumber and less independently wealthy. It's as if they really hate the classic Lara Croft. I guess an feisty British antihero beholden to no man was too much for them, so they decided to go for the sexist and vaguely racist route to better "control" their "property".

h311rais3r2735d ago

Or the incident she goes through in this game inspires her to get educated and learn how to be a bad ass. Everyone has to start somewhere and EVERYONE is vulnerable when uneducated.

WeskerChildReborned2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Yea basically thats what i'm hoping will happen in God of War Ascension, He couldn't have always been a bad*ss. He gots to start somewhere.

DragonKnight2735d ago

@Wesker: He was Spartan. Spartan's were born to be badasses. Look up their lives and you'll see Kratos was ALWAYS a badass. Plus, being a demigod doesn't hurt.

WeskerChildReborned2735d ago

@DragonKnight, well thats true aha. but i still wanna see his origins.

DragonKnight2735d ago

This is what happens when highly vocal feminists who are in the minority of female gamers complain about sexism. No one bothered to look beyond anything but Lara Croft's chest, and now they go the exact opposite route to please people who know nothing better than to b*tch about pixels representing people.

Lara was a real role model before. University educated archaeologist is more important than double D's. Did that matter to feminists though? Nope. Pretty much everything you said about classic Lara shows a woman who was strong on her own, too bad that they don't care about her.

Lord_Sloth2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Uneducated doesn't=Dumber. Just less knowledgeable. The word you were looking for was "ignorant".

Being rich or not doesn't seem like that big a deal. Actually it means she'll earn her own wealth this time around after she discovers her love for treasure hunting.

I don't really care about being "less British" as I can't figure out just what the hell that means. She sounds British to me. So only aristocrats are truly British?

As for sexism...Is it really wrong to assume that a random person would be vulnerable in such an extreme situation for the 1st time in their life?

Ducky2735d ago

I can't tell if you're making a joke or if you're being serious. =/

I still laughed though.

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