HD Remakes That Should be Made – Part 2

TGC writes: Extreme sports games have dried up in recent years and if it wasn’t for Tony Hawk, they would have pretty much vanished. But with the recent release of a new SSX and the upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, slight ripples are beginning to form within the genre. So the third game in this series will focus on sports while the fourth is a gem from the Star Wars back catalogue. The Star Wars games have ranged from truly great games, Knights of the Old Republic to name but one, to the downright terrible; I’m looking at you Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace! The game below is one Star Wars game that is screaming out for a sequel, let alone an HD remake. As a sequel is not forthcoming, we at least need a remake to tide us over until the next game is inevitably released.

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gedapeleda2739d ago

I'd like to see mafia remake.
With better textures and draw distance.

ATi_Elite2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

SOCOM 1 and 2

The Legend of Zelda

iXenon2739d ago

If they're not gonna make a Battlefront III like everyone wants, the least they could do is put the original two games on PS3.

ChunkyLover532734d ago

Well hopefully they'd come to Xbox 360 as well. Battlefront 2 was so good on the original Xbox. It actually still had quite the following on the Xbox 360 until they closed the original Xbox Live servers down. SWBF2 was backwards compatible and they let you import maps from SWBF1.

WeskerChildReborned2739d ago

At one point, i was thinkin a Battlefront HD collection would be awesome.

IG-882739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Battlefront 1&2 was some of the best games last gen and it is a shame that SWBF3 has not come out yet and i think we can all agree that either 1. they make SWBF3 or 2. the next best thing in them making a SWBF HD remake

the world needs more SWBF!!!!!!

m232739d ago

Knights of the Old Republic needs an HD remake.

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