Weaponology – Videos Games Greatest Weapons

TGC writes: Death is a theme that runs through most video games, past and present. Whether it be the bubbly cartoon death of a Goomba as Mario stomps on his head, or the ultra violent demise of a mythical character at the hands of Kratos, the God of War. However, death does not come about in a video game by accident. Over the past few generations, developers have provided gamers with a wide variety of tools of the trade. What follows is a list of my top five weapons, gadgets and abilities from video games for getting the better of ones virtual foes.

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Hazmat132306d ago

what about the brick in TimeSplitters future perfect!?! lol jk i think the raildriver (is thats what its called?) for Red Faction should in this list.

Dan502306d ago

No Cerebral Bore? Or BFG9000?