Sports games are but low-tier fighters

Steven Hansen explores the important similarities between the "casual," mainstream scourge that is sports games and the celebrated fighting game genre, both in fundamental mechanics and fan base. While sports game end up low-tier, Hansen finds it's because they're more of a challenge to make.

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pixelsword2280d ago

Where category does boxing fall into?

Zha1tan2280d ago

Then does that mean fighters are low tier 3rd person action games?

InTheLab2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I'm not sure I get what the author is saying here. A skilled 2K player is as good as any SF player. I don't understand this division of games that "core" gamers have cooked up. It's ridiculous...especially in this case. If you don't play sports titles, you shouldn't write about them.

And who here thinks Madden is for casuals? A good match in Madden is like a good match in Starcraft. It's every bit the strategy game that Starcraft is. It's not just randomly selecting plays and hoping for the best, and those that do will be crushed.

Hell, I've been in plenty of tournaments, yes, tournaments for Madden and Live (when it was popular..) and the atmosphere was similar to fighting tournaments but the money on the table is much larger (think thousands, not the few hundred from your average SF tourny).