Doc Asks: Was the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Worth the Wait?

Jason Gumaer writes: "To start, a friendly warning: This video contains spoilers about the Mass Effect series and its ending.

Doc Asks is a series to stimulate discussion about a hot topic in our world of digital entertainment. The new endings have finally been released for Mass Effect 3 and everyone has had plenty of time to check them out. This week, I am asking you if the endings were worth the wait? Did Bioware fix the problems from the original endings? Are you satisfied with these new endings? I try to address some of these questions, but I really want to hear from you. So, please tell me if you think Bioware did a good fan service by bringing these endings to us."

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googergieger3140d ago

So were the free extended cut endings worth the wait? Wasn't even worth the money, to be honest with you. Just hope they try better with their next game and that they get a better PR department. Or at least have Hudson and Walters humble themselves a bit and tone down the blatant rhymes with runtiness.

SneeringImperialist3140d ago

I was hoping to wait a lot longer, i expected it to be bigger.