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While too clunky for the kind of action Capcom wants to present in Chris Redfield’s chapter, the button layout and control scheme is still massively tweaked from Resident Evil 4 and 5, and may take some getting used to for traditional players. But, once you start to get in the swing of things, you won’t look back - and it seems that it was all made with Leon in mind.

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Them_Bones2739d ago

Somewhere weird happened, I didn't even want this game yesterday and now for no reason I do... hmm.

StarFox2738d ago

tbh the gameplay they are showing now is way better than the shit they showed at e3, leons is pretty much sticking to a survival horror aspect while chris and jakes are more action. but the other day i saw the new chris gameplay and i gotta say it looks pretty much like old school re games, with the claustrophobic hallways, shit popping in and out (in this case a camo yawn), the whole atmosphere, the music etc. it may not be fully survival horror but there is element of it in there. sort of reminds me of re revelations a mixture of both horror and action. but needless to say im buying the game but used. i can play the game and not support the company.

helghast1022738d ago

"leons is pretty much sticking to a survival horror aspect"
Why do you think this? Because Capcom said so? From what we've seen, there's nothing survival horror about it.

WeskerChildReborned2738d ago

I have to agree with helghast, I mean if Leon is sliding around shooting zombies, that does not seem like survival horror.

Treian2738d ago

what videos have you been watching lol?

StarFox2738d ago

@Wesker as i said the game may not be fully survival horror but there is elements there, which is why i said aspects. you have dark rooms, hallways, streets etc. a multitude of zombies coming at you similar to older RE's, shit popping out of nowhere similar to Cerberus dogs jumping through a window to attack you. like i said this is mixture of action and horror i never is was fully no doubt about it horror. btw you don't have to slide and shoot, its not like the game will force you too. but its an option.

Pozzle2738d ago

The main thing I'm worried about is that there seem to be an awful lot of QTEs during battles. I know that Leon and Chris have been dealing with zombies and monsters for years now, but they shouldn't be able to QTE-punch a zombie to death, let alone punch a 10-foot-tall monster into submission. It doesn't matter how well-trained these two men are, because it's just silly to put themselves at such a risk by getting close to creatures that can either infect you with a single bite or squish you under their feet.

Maybe I'm alone in thinking this...but IMO it would be pretty cool if the game implemented some sort of "bite bar", so that if your character gets bitten a certain amount of times, you get infected with the t-virus. That would add more of a "survival" element to the game.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

@ Pozzle

Resident Evil Outbreak included something similar to the bite bar you have mentioned earlier. The characters you played as were already infected mind you due to the rats contaminating the areas but attacks from creatures raised your infection gauge dramatically.

Another thing it added on top of that was the character resistances were different to balance them out properly. For example Kevin, a former RPD officer, started with a Mark.23 and was the fastest of the bunch with the least amount of resistance to the T Virus. Yoko was the direct opposite with the lowest health points which sounds terrible at first. She makes up for having the slowest infection rate with a backpack on top of that to hold the most items.

The second installment was much better because of the overhaul in character animations, bigger scenarios and to top it all off, it was the first of the series that allowed you to aim and move at the same time (which Capcom lied to fans about in Operation Raccoon City, the same with it being the first game that players can play a zombie.)

It makes me laugh hearing all these "old fans" who complain about all of the flaws like tank controls and no co-op in a Resident Evil game but when Capcom brought out a spin off title which not only answered those problems but had a great believable story that seamlessly tied with the incidents of Resident Evil II yet it didn't get the support it deserved.

I'm not ignorant of the problems which around that era that truncated sales because it wasn't as internet savvy as it is today with Capcom shutting down servers way too early on top of that but people shouldn't have encouraged Capcom to destroy the main story arch and sever the fanbase in two. Instead, the fans who jumped on the Resident Evil IV bandwagon or truly played all but had a problem with the controls should have pushed for a new Outbreak which I believe could have net 2 million copies sold easy for the company plus it will not ruffle the feathers of the old fanbase to maintain sales. Unfortunately, survival horror is flying the way of the do-do on consoles.

Socom 4 had the right idea about delivering a game mode for both sides however Zipper's laziness to support them equally led to their demise.

For those who haven't seen Outbreak, the below will have a preview....