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GP: "Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland is the third and final act of the "Arland" Trilogy, and the most recent 'Atelier' game to be released outside of Japan. The Atelier series dates back to 1997 with the release of Atelier Marie on the original Sony Playstation in Japan. Since then, the series has received a multitude of sequels sharing familiar, light-hearted themes and a consistently heavy emphasis on item crafting through 'alchemy.'

Atelier Rorona, released in 2009, was the series' first true foray into 3D and was the start of the 'Arland' trilogy; a year later, the widely-regarded and much-improved sequel Atelier Totori followed suit. Atelier Meruru hopes to continue this tradition, while also intending to pull the curtain elegantly over the trilogy. The question is, does it do this with sophistication, or does it come off as little more than fanservice?"

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MHenderson3140d ago

I used to have an overwhelming love of JRPGs, but they've become supes homogenized. If this shows a level of originality that is implied here, I'll be very happy.

3140d ago