$27 Million Settlement Announced in EA Madden Price-fixing Lawsuit

Attorneys representing purchasers of Electronic Arts, Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) (“EA”) football video games have reached a proposed settlement over claims that the gaming giant violated antitrust and consumer protection laws and overcharged consumers for the games.

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ftwrthtx2738d ago

PS2 purchasers get more money than this generation purchasers.

vortis2737d ago

That's because this gen suffered from recyclitis and EA just lied and said dev costs when up when in reality they've just been recycling garbage just like Activision and CoD.

TerminalGamer2735d ago

Didn't This gen cost more than last gen?

detroitmademe2738d ago

hell yea they overcharge consumers.just got done watching E3 vid of madden 13& i couldnt help buut feel a little underwhelmed.the running looks a little wierd,character animation is clunky,instead of fixing the audio issues they just changed announcers,gus johnson&chris collinsworth wasnt the problem,the problem is getting them to say things at the right time&not being so repetitive with thier lines.this is coming from someone who owned madden 10&bought madden 11&12.Ill probably buy madden 13 because megatron's on the cover&connected careers sounds like a step n the right direction but this will def be the last 1 I buy at least till next console gen.Im a fan of Madden but im ready to see wat 2k&everyone else can do.You shouldnt beat your competition by having a larger piggy bank,beat them with the quality of your games,they did it with fifa.I mean Madden 13 isn't just a roster update,but it isn't a drastic update either.competition will either b good 4 EA or it'll expose them.Also how will these refunds work,$6 dollars for all last-gen Madden games you own or...?

detroitmademe2738d ago

& if you bought last years madden,thier should be a discount for next years game.

WeskerChildReborned2738d ago

I say yearly sequels like sports and COD should only be 39.99 each year.

Soldierone2738d ago

COD should be an expansion pack not a game for 39.99....

Imagine if you could keep all your stats running through each COD....A "new" game shouldn't be warranted unless it is either 90 percent "different" (COD to Singularity) or using a new engine, and at the very least have a development time of several years with a single player mode that lasts 8 or more hours.

Otherwise it should be classified as an expansion pack and be sold at 40 dollars.....

WeskerChildReborned2738d ago

@Soldierone Yea that's an interesting idea but i think that really won't work out. I say they should make a free to play game on consoles and PC where they sell expansion packs.

ftwrthtx2738d ago

I like the idea of a free-to-play game with expansion packs added on later. With quite a bit of content being digital now, that system would make the most sense.

GanjaMan2738d ago

cod and fifa and few games more game when released are discounted to £25 here in supermarkets for the first week or two, im sure america have similar offers for cod and maddam?

dcbronco2737d ago


Not really. You might find a $20 credit. But games like Madden and CoD usually don't offer much. They know people are going to buy them anyway.

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TheColbertinator2738d ago

At least we get NCAA from someone else again

titans99992738d ago

why cant there be another NFL game from another company?

Disturbedrebel2738d ago

Cause EA bought the rights from the NFL.

black9112738d ago

When does EA's NFL deal end?

Soldierone2738d ago

Never. Unless Madden quits selling well.....

They will just renew it everytime it ends. Since they already own the agreement, they get a heads up, plus they will put more money into it than any other company....

unless the NFL stops being greedy (LMAO!!!) then Madden will continue to be the only football game you see for at least the next 10 years.

DeadlyFire2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

At the moment its 2013 for NFL, but that could get extended further and further as always by EA. I don't know if this court settlement blocks them from grabbed exclusive rights next time for a set period or not though. Says 5 years before can grab exclusive rights to AFL or NCAA after they run out. It would be nice if NFL was in there too, but its up in the air at the moment and not final just yet.


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