Modern Warfare 3 Major Updates Incoming: Terminal Issues, Matchmaking, Weapon Tweaks and More

MP1st - Another busy week of Modern Warfare 3 news: from PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite subscribers receiving their respective July drops including all 360 gamers getting the free Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal, to Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin revealing some big updates on the horizon.

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Welshy2739d ago

It's beyond hilarious when even the copy and paste masters at Activision studios can't copy and paste an old map without making it even SLIGHTLY less broken as it was nearly THREE years ago.

Seriously guys, if you really want to get your point across that they are releases hapless broken games, don't ask for patches, STOP playing the game and DON'T BUY the next one.

Hit them in the wallet and maybe they'll finally learn a lesson that they couldn't for five years.

StayStatic2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Don't worry I didn't buy it for this and many other reasons.

3GenGames2739d ago

"...big Updates..."


unchartedxplorer2739d ago

They'll update it, then they will leave the game alone forever.

venom062739d ago

Ha... CoD franchise has reoccurring issues and the sky is blue and water is wet... And sheeplike people will buy the next one and the issues and crying will start all over again... GOD I'm glad I didn't waste my $60 on this garbage...

evilbart2739d ago

The sad thing is you did waste $60 on this and you will probably buy black ops 2 aswell