The Steam Summer Sale trap

Joystiq - I've already bought several games during this year's Steam Summer Sale, including Legend of Grimrock, an old-fashioned dungeon crawler with a modern veneer. Good for me! Oh, except Legend of Grimrock is a PC game. I don't even have a PC right now, and I've never bothered to set up a dual-boot partition on my MacBook Air. The dread of missing out on the deal was so great, it overwhelmed the fact that I don't even have the preferred equipment for the game.

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Somebody2737d ago I feel down after realizing I'm going to die when my life ends. What a nice article to read after a nice nap.

But he's right about the community deal. Some of the games offered are either I've already bought but I'm really interested in but voted them anyway so I could contribute to the community by getting the best deals for others.

thezeldadoth2737d ago

It makes me realize how much DON'T play games lololol and i'm drunk whatever. I rad about games far mor ethan i play them unfortunately. I love gaming but gaming itself seems more like a must than a fun enjoyment. Its almost like i feel guilty for NOT playing. But...i can't' wait for Wii-U so whatever FUCK YOU craaazy fanboy. Don't love corporations, love games and the industry wil drastialaly IMPROVE.. Fuckoing faggts. Quit arguing an djust love the medium and you[llj be HAPPIER.

Wingsfan242737d ago

I'm really not sure what I just read there...

Irishguy952737d ago

Idiot's rant with a decent excuse

TheRealTedCruz2737d ago

I truly . . . truly love drunken posts.

The best kind of posts, I dare say.

taquito2737d ago

if one had the willpower to only buy games twice a year, steam summer sale, steam holiday sale, one would save enough money to build 3 bad ass gaming rigs.

sadly, this one is prone to impulse purchases and use steam sales to buy the games i was 50/50 on or less

gotta stop buying every damn game that looks remotely intresting and then only playing 2 hours of them.

TheRealTedCruz2737d ago

Honestly, that's the better way to go about things. At least as far as the industry goes.

Steam sales tend to put people in this mindset that you shouldn't pay retail for games because you can normally expect to get them for much, much cheaper not too far in the future.

There is nothing wrong with that, necessarily. We are all consumers and get to choose what we are willing to spend and on what. If you are someone who doesn't think games are worth retail in general, I am in no position to tell you that you're wrong.

I just feel that, considering you have the means, you should try and buy games closer to retail price. If there are games you are unsure are worth it, feel free to wait for a sale.

That's just me though. Again, it's all up to the person buying.

ninjahunter2737d ago

Eh, So far ive nabbed 12 games for $60. And i know im not going to BEAT all of these games, i mean just on a number crunch its about 200 hours worth of games on just one play through each. But, im fine with that. If i drop $60-$80 now, i think its going to save me a good amount of money.

And its good incentive to play those instant classic games you missed, Kinghts of the old republic? Cold day in hell ile drop $20 on that, but for $5 Ive got nothing to lose.

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