This Generation is Alive and Kicking

"The next-generation of consoles is certainly getting a lot of attention and rumors directed at it, but there is still quite a bit of time before its release. Although the Wii U has a release target of holiday season 2012, its capabilities can barely be called next-generation, and will likely be outclassed by Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles. Since we haven’t even seen a preview of the PS4 or XBOX720 (whatever they decide to name them), the current generation still has a few years on it. And you know what? Developers and gamers can still get a lot out of the current generation."

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TedCruzsTaint2333d ago

I seem to feel it's barely breathing.

But please, keep with the beat down pc ports in sub-hd. It's not totally pathetic in 2012.

black9112333d ago

The PS3 still has not been Maxed! Also bluray hasnt yet been truly utilized in enough games.

miyamoto2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

increase in polygon count isn't gonna cut it anymore. we need new and creative game ideas not a new console. so much creativity can still be put on a 50GB Blu-Ray disc.

Game development cost today are still very high. right, Japan?

This is the perfect opportunity to make HD gaming very inexpensive for the masses. At $200 PS3 will be very affordable blu-ray player too.

AmayaAi2333d ago

There's still a lot to get from this generation.

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