You Know What Goes Good with Call of Duty? Lots of Alcohol.

Kotaku - There is something undoubtedly beautiful about mixing liquor with gaming.

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Them_Bones2740d ago

You know what goes good with lots of alcohol? Fire.

trenso12739d ago

rum is for drinking, not for burning

Gaming1012738d ago

If you're drinking while you're gaming, that's sad and pathetic. It's also extremely expensive, as you're combining your two habits that cost an arm and a leg if you combine them.

trenso12738d ago

i guess no one got that i quoted a song title .__.

GanjaMan2739d ago ShowReplies(1)
NastyLeftHook02739d ago

know what goes good with alcohol? a cab, please people don't drive drunk.

Sgt_Slaughter2738d ago

Discussing games and Saving lives... great combo.

WeskerChildReborned2739d ago

Won't that just make you rage even more?

NoFanboyRequired2739d ago

Alcohol is good with any game lol. makes me play better for some reason...

Soldierone2739d ago

No joke lol, does the same to me. I was on massive killing spree's in COD whenever I got drunk with friends. It got to a point where they wanted to try it, but it only worked for one of them haha, the others just sucked even more.

GaryOak2739d ago

4 guys walked into a bar.One guy got a Miller,one guy got a Carlsberg,one got a Budwiser,and the last guy,who was Irish,got a cola.The other 3 guys looked at the Irish guy and asked,"Why didn't you get a Guinness?" He looked at them and answered-"I was going to,but I don't want to be the only one drinking alcohol"

Reverent2739d ago

haha I get it...

Gotta love Irish people.

LOGICWINS2739d ago

Gotta love Guinness. My favorite beer hands down...and I'm not even Irish ;)

Them_Bones2739d ago

I hate guinness and I am Irish, I feel like such an outcast lol.

2739d ago
fossilfern2739d ago

Cant stand Guiness and I live in Belfast! Baileys or Carolans, Great Irish Creams.

mayberry2738d ago

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout is an awesome stout beer!

MRMagoo1232738d ago

I dont really count beer as alcohol i get full before i get drunk with it seems like a waste of stomach space to me, drink wild turkey 101 or something then you can fill the rest of the space with yummy food.

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The story is too old to be commented.