Top 5 Ultimate Apocalypse Games

Apocalypse games have some of the most engaging atmospheric settings to them. It’s where society breaks down and chaos takes over. It’s everyone for themselves and only the strong survive. Here are the most engaging open-world survival apocalypse games to date.

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tee_bag2422283d ago

Pretty good list there. Fallout, STALKER and Day Z for sure.
Day Z takes the cake in my opinion. Playing it feels like being an extra from 'The Walking Dead'. The social interactions and friction when encountering other survivors (real people) make this game stand out from others.
Even in Beta it's a blast.
I recommend it to anyone who is firstly, patient with the fiddely inventory, but most inportantly into the exploring and survival style of gaming and doesn't mind not always being a hero.

2283d ago
brettski2283d ago

Have there been very many games that match this limited criteria? I honestly don't know.