Crysis 3 Interactive Single Player Trailer Coming Next Week

DSOGaming writes: "Crytek has announced that an interactive trailer for Crysis 3's single player campaign will be released next week."

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Frankfurt2308d ago

The trailers showing three LINEAR paths to "choose" from don't give me much hope this will be any good.

I want to see a group below, drive a car down into their heads, jump off, armour up and land alive while they explode into bits. I want to ride a boat or swim around enemy bases, set up explosives while invisible, go back and blow them up from afar. I want to kill people by shooting down threes over their heads. I want creativity and freedom like Crysis 1, not linear cinematic garbage like Crysis 2.

ginsunuva2308d ago

Exactly. Crytek keeps stressing choice, but not freedom. The game is still linear. Except you can choose what type of linear path you want.

kevnb2307d ago

They wanted it to be pretty on console, so they cut out almost every aspect of gameplay except the basics.

ninjahunter2308d ago

Now thats a creative idea. Haters gonna hate because its not crysis 1, and dont get me wrong im pretty upset at the angle crysis has taken, But cmon this is marketing genious. ITS GOLD I TELL YOU GOOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDD!

kevnb2307d ago

Let's hope they learned something from crysis 2. Unfortunately I think they haven't and will just move on to free to play PC and maybe tablets.

dirthurts2307d ago

I would happily play Crysis 3 for free...
I'm just saying.