Counter-Strike Global Offensive - Counter on consoles (Hooked Gamers)

Hooked Gamers writes: "I have no doubt Valve has a few post-release surprises up their sleeves for Global Offensive players as well. If you're a big time FPS/Counter Strike fan looking for something new to wet your appetite, be sure to check out Counter Strike: Global Offensive."

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WeskerChildReborned2334d ago

I'm looking forward to CS:GO coming to consoles.

h311rais3r2334d ago

As you should be lol. I'm glad console gamers get to enjoy it aswell. While it won't be the full experience (half the fun of cs is modding and modders game types "remember gun game? Yea that started in cs"). I'll be getting the pc version and maybe the Xbox too. Seeing as the gameplay styles vary from platform. I've noticed that console gamers like to head straight into battle where as the pc crew prefers to take it slow and methodicle. Just my experience from jumping bak and forth.

WeskerChildReborned2333d ago

Well thats cool, i only got a PS3 at the moment but when i hopefully get a PC, i'll get it on that as well.

Sokol2334d ago

Look forward to it, I had been playing CS since 2000 and still to this day it remains one of few PC games I always come back to once in a while.

This, if done well, will be my primary PS3 online team-based FPS.
I'm curios how cross-platform play will work out.

GearSkiN2333d ago

cross platform is only for PC and MAC

skyrim2334d ago

I'm so excited for this game I have wanted a proper counter strike on consoles for years.Can not wait to see how this game does on all systems hopefully it will have a community for years to come on consoles.