Box art and more screens revealed for PS3 exclusive, Time and Eternity

The official box art, in addition to a few more screenshots, have been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive anime role-playing game, Time and Eternity.

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nyobzoo2284d ago

the stills looks great, the game in motion....not so much

r212284d ago

yeah, the combat seemed awkward but those were short clips, we need to see a full long battle.

Summons752284d ago Localize it because showing this stuff is pointless if we can't play. I really want to play it too

Snookies122284d ago

Well technically you can import it and still play it... But you'd have to pay a lot, and if you don't speak/read Japanese then you're out of luck for any story elements lol.

Summons752284d ago

yeah exactly, I'd like to learn to at least speak japanese but I have to much on my plate right now to take up something extra

Jirachi2284d ago

I wonder what type of rpg this is,i like all rpgs types but to me turn based/strategy are the best so if it one of those two ill definetly pick up the localization (if they make one)