Kotaku: ZombiU’s Multiplayer Will Probably Be One of the Best Things About the Wii U

Kotaku: "From what I played yesterday, ZombiU might just have the most unique boss battles of any game on Nintendo's upcoming WiiU console. That's because I essentially got to be the boss—sending out waves of the undead to kill human beings—in Ubisoft's cleverly asymmetrical survival horror shooter."

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WeskerChildReborned2744d ago

Yea i'm hoping they'll announce like online multiplayer soon but ZombiU does look like it will be an awesome game.

Sono4212744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I agree online multiplayer would be great :D but I have another idea that would be pretty cool. It starts off as two people playing co-op (Kind of) trying to get to a checkpoint (Like a race, but no team killing), then lets say one of you gets infected, now he uses the gamepad to control the zombies like in this multiplayer game mode(Kinda like a if I can't make it i'll atleast stop you from making it kinda thing, then if the zombie player kills the living player he wins). I think this would be really cool but the only problem would be, some people might team up then he wouldn't send any zombies after him, but maybe the computer automatically sends in zombies if he doesn't send any? Or maybe he isn't the only source of zombies in the first place, after hes infected he only assists the zombies already there.

WeskerChildReborned2744d ago

I had an idea similar where if they do have online multiplayer, they could make it where one person has to survive and the other person whos online will control the zombies and you two can chat also at the same time.

Jadedz2744d ago

Nintendo was never really a fan of online play, but they've adapted. With the Wii U however, it'll be the best of both worlds (Local and non-local multiplayer gaming).

WeskerChildReborned2744d ago

Yea i'm really hoping their will be an online MP feature too.

OmniSlashPT2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

First TLOU impressions "OMG it's another generic zombie game, lame, sony suckzzz"

First Zombi-U impressions "best WiiU title, looks promising, amazing, Nintendo knows what they're doing!"

I'll never understand this lol

Skate-AK2744d ago

They don't need to compair the games cause they are too different.

live2play2744d ago

are you serious guy?

1st. the first impression for the last of us came from a short trailer, nothing more.

2nd. first impressions for zombieu came from HANDS ON expericences

3rd. zombieU is not made by nintendo
just because its on a nintendo console does now mean its made by nintendo
seriously, people think cooking mama is made by nintendo and imagine babiez [email protected]#

Jadedz2744d ago

I like Sony (the corporation), it's their fanbase that I have a problem with.

Sony fans are cool, it's the "extremists" that really turn of off anything related to Sony (the same rules apply for Nintendo and Microsoft, extremists).

jacen1002743d ago

I would still rather play this than another UNCHARTED, give me a break