6 PSP Games We Are Still Waiting To Appear “Officially” On Vita

PushStartSelect: "The Vita can play PSP games, that isn’t breaking news. In fact during the current downtime of no new releases for the Vita (it happens) PSP games seem all the more enticing. There are plenty to choose from already, and we could write a whole list of games you should pick up. However you either already have them, or have seen someone get excited about it. Well what about the game that are still missing? We know some games are simply not “approved” for the Vita store, but still work so we will tag them. "

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Red_Orange_Juice3847d ago

LC/VC Stories Collection for Vita would kick ass

KosmoCrisis3847d ago

In North America at least, GTA Liberty City Stories is already available directly from the Vita PS Store. Vice City Stories is coming next week, July 24. And like is stated in the post, GTA Chinatown Wars is transferable from the PS3. So why even mention GTA?

One PSP game I'm waiting for is my damn Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play. I love that thing for being the ONLY version to have MK1, MK2, MK3, and a ton of other Midway hits in one package.

PoSTedUP3847d ago

appreciate the info (vice city next week) i didnt know and was bummed that it might take forever, this is great news. gtaLCS looks really good on vita just bought it n im really enjoying it.

i want a socom game on my vita.

MastaMold3847d ago

I want Syphon Filter PSP games and Twisted Metal Head On in the PS Vita store

Qrphe3847d ago

I agree with Valkyria Chronicles

but I also REALLY REALLY want Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep


Hicken3847d ago

Those four are really the ones I wanted:

Valkyria Chronicles 1&2
Crisis Core
Birth By Sleep

Anything else would be a bonus.

TheFirstClassic3847d ago

Yeah I agree, and you mean 2 and 3 of course. I REALLY wanted 3 to be localized.

tachy0n3847d ago

midnight club 3: DUB edition!!

CaptCalvin3847d ago

Holy SH*T somebody who remembers!! First game I got for my PSP and still one of the BEST! played the crap out of it. Hopefully the VITA will emulate the PSP in full speed while running this game because the cpu on the PSP was locked at 222mhz at the time the game was released and the framerate wasn't too good unfortunately.

tachy0n3847d ago

yeah man, i bought it blindly thinking it would work in the PSVita and it doesnt :,(

pneboy3847d ago

GTA: VCS, MGS PW and MGS PO are playable on vita, atleast i think i saw myself playing them before

CaptCalvin3847d ago

Why is the Vita store still full of bargain bin shovel-ware crap? Where is Syphon Filter? MGS? Midnight Club(not the crappy LA Remix one)? COME ON ALREADY!!!

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