Rocksteady Needs to Make A Batman Beyond Game

Why go back in time when you can go to the future, Rocksteady? Batman Beyond has plenty of rogues, gadgets, and a brand new Gotham for the Arkham team to throw their own twist onto. Plus, Batman Beyond is just flat out awesome.

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Yi-Long2739d ago

... Future Gotham City looks awesome, the characters and foes are interesting, and it would come with a bunch of new moves and gameplay-option (like the stealth-suit, the flying, etc)

That was a briliant cartoon btw. Great voice-acting as well by Will Friedle.

PrimeLantern2739d ago

That's one thing not touched in the article is Will Friedle's voice work. He IS Terry. It would be weird if someone other than him did the voice.

NYC_Gamer2739d ago

Would be cool long as its kept dark and not all colorful

PrimeLantern2739d ago

The show was pretty dark. The only really colorful parts were the rave parties the kids go to and the neon signs on the high-rises.

Cennus2739d ago

Beyond is greatness! Terry is a great Batman and I thought it was the best Batman animated show.

aviator1892739d ago

Omg, that would literally be awesome.

Aaroncls72739d ago

I love Batman Beyond! Rocksteady should do it.

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