Bioware insider blames fans for SWTORs woes

An anonymous Bioware insider writes; “I know many won’t believe me. but, I work at Bioware”, I won’t tell you much and I don’t care if you believe me. So here is “what’s” going on were I work......

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Godmars2902747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

They could have made a more comprehensive, single player experience, probably could have made several, but instead just had to have an MMO for the constant revenue stream, and NOW someone wants to blame the fan base they were trying to sell to in the first place.


the article refuses to load.

Amazingmrbrock2746d ago

The guy in this articles just whining. It's an easy fix from my perspective, don't listen to your fans and make the game you want to make. Obviously people are going to say we want this and we want that. There have been so many games ruined this way.

The problem with all that is that the dev studios share relatively little about the games with us. Then they listen to people who know little about the games, who may not have even played the games. The only way listening to fans works is if your devoloping in a transparent fashion. If your company has an NDA then the creative director has to have some back bone and just go for their creative vision.

No risks no rewards.

Tzuno2746d ago

true but their arrogance is to big.

Godmars2902745d ago

Had to say that the one place you might be wrong is that the devs likely didn't make the game they wanted regardless. The publisher wanted it out at a certain date, it was put out on a that date. there are too many instances where that happens and the then incomplete game is so buggy its broken.

ME3 may not have been that bad, but still there's evidence in missed conversation options and how missions are handled which suggest it may as well have had program bugs. That it should have been released when it was actually finished, not when EA wanted it so they could report sales figures to the stockholders for a specific finical quarter.

pompombrum2746d ago

Sorry but the line "but it was fan feedback from the day we opened the forums that encouraged us to design it for the fans the way it is and that included making it more like Kotor then an MMO like Wow." tells me this is probably fake.

BW arrogantly said from the start that they are making the game the way they want to. Further more, they arrogantly ignored so much of the beta feedback. Fans didn't kill this game, a release before it was ready and developer arrogance killed it.

mafiahajeri2746d ago

Aren't " read more at source" comments not allowed? Or is only for some people?

Mainsqueeze2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

This is most likely fake but if it isn't, my god the team that made Swtor had their heads way farther up their a**** than i thought.
"but it was fan feedback from the day we opened the forums that encouraged us to design it for the fans the way it is and that included making it more like Kotor then an MMO like Wow." Thats the problem right there dummys you did try to make it too much like WOW and not enough like KOTOR and the worst thing about it is that thing things that they did try to take from wow they did it alot worse. I played SWTOR for about 2 months and got 2 characters up to level 50 and then got completely bored with endgame and unsubed. I haven't gone back other than the free weekends, so that i can c what they have changed. Other than the voice acting, the entire rest of the game is so uninspired its not even funny. I don't hate on games very often and when i do its when i have given them a fare try and am completely disappointed, this is one of those cases.

Canary2746d ago

Funny, just like how the fans forced Bioware to make Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 into shitty games.

Godmars2902746d ago

Never understood what seems to be a standard EA error of not allowing enough production time or a quick turnaround with a release deadline.

You have a recognized well known, well selling title like Ultima. The team needs one or two years to do the next one right, but it just HAS to be put out in the next three.

The only thing worse than a practice which they've been doing for years, is that fans have only justified it all this time.

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Kamikaze1352747d ago

It's not our fault that they blatantly copied WoW, focused too much on the solo experience, and didn't include much to differentiate itself from other MMO games.

Amazingmrbrock2746d ago

They should have had the balls to make it gameplay wise like jedi outcast. There's enough anti jedi tech in the star wars universe to balance it all out.

DeadlyFire2746d ago

Its the one thing LA never pushes is how to kill a jedi without another jedi.

Although some games that don't even have jedi as main focus are most popular like Battlefront, Republic Commando. So if they made a game with jedi combat like Jedi Outcast/Academy lightsaber combat with balanced class like system.

I still say the Attribute system for JA Mod Moviebattles 2 is probably the best thing ever invented for a Star Wars game. It has classes, Jedi/sith are not invincible. Gameplay is typically balanced and fun. Although it needs an engine upgrade. Only thing that holds it back.

batbatz2747d ago

yeah its a shame, plus no end game reason to play

joab7772746d ago

It's pretty obvious why it wasn't going to make it. The crazy thing is that many really smart people were convinced otherwise. They had to know that mmos right now are near where fps games are, they need a giant step forward. The sp could have worked in conjunction with something fresh. Also endgame content is a must. And if u want to compete with wow, please launch with all the amenities of your competition. Don't play catch up after launch. They thought that if they created a wow clone in the star wars universe with good storytelling that they would need nothing more. They were wrong. Well u still have mass effects universe to screw up...or maybe, u bring in some new people with fresh ideas and create a new type of mmo. Their are so many untapped ideas but people are too scared to take a risk.

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