League of Legends Pro Gamer Brandon 'DontMashMe' Phan Wants Riot Games To Balance Characters

According to new data from, Riot Games’ League of Legends has quickly grown to become the most popular PC game out there. In the pro gaming arena, League of Legends is already beating out Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft II in Korea and is gaining popularity in Europe and North America.

Brandon “DontMashMe” Phan is the AD player for League of Legends eSports team MonomaniacDominatus. Phan quickly made a name for himself in the competitive League of Legends arena by winning the very first 1v1 SoloMid.Net Tournament. After piling up the wins and migrating to several different pro teams, Phan has found a home with Monomaniac eSports, which acquired his Choppa in Da Car team. Phan talks about the rise of League of Legends and what the future holds for eSports in this exclusive interview.

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JsonHenry2740d ago

He could always play a real game and switch to Dota 2..

Reverent2740d ago

God, I know right? I really don't see the appeal in LoL.

ThanatosDMC2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Played Dota 2. If your team dies early game, it's practically impossible to fight back late game. Also, Carry champions are ridiculously overpowered. 1 v 5 is possible. But the graphics compared to LoL is so good. Love the variety of items too.

JsonHenry2740d ago

You were playing with a bunch of nubs if you think 1v5 is possible.

And I have won plenty of games where my team was down by 15 or more kills because we pushed towers effectively as a team.