5 mistakes Microsoft won't want to make again with Xbox next gen

Here are five aspects of the Xbox 360 console which hopefully won't be repeated with Microsoft's new console.

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bunt-custardly2741d ago

Their biggest mistake was releasing a cheap and badly manufactured console which could have been avoided if they didn't rush to market so fast.

NYC_Gamer2741d ago

My first 360 died from E74.But to MS credit they did replace my console free of charge.

darthv722741d ago

external faceplates are worth quite a bit of scratch now. Collectors love those things.

I dont see anything wrong with the external power supply but maybe they will try to make it a tad smaller.

Their decision to go with hddvd was simply to stall bluray. It wasnt them trying to support one format over the other. It had been understood for some time that their intention from the beginning was digital distribution.

I feel bad for toshiba in that deal as they are a good company and had a good idea with hddvd. Many will only see it as a failure when in reality, both hddvd and blu share more similarities than they do differences. The obvious difference being studio support.

But hey, not many would go against sony and their proposed success of the format when they saw how well sony helped push dvd sales years ago. Sony had the clear advantage as both a hardware maker and content provider. Toshiba didnt own movie studios.

MS won out either way because of the video codecs being used in both formats as well as making the idea of digital distribution a reality not only for consoles and pc's but just about any type of device that can connect to the net. For them, losing hddvd was expected but not as soon as it did.

EVILDEAD3602741d ago

None of my 360s ever died..bought every version..Slim destroys the other versions though.

Of course the RROD fiasco won't be repeated by MS again for gthe 720. Tough lesson to learn.


WeskerChildReborned2741d ago

Yea, my friend has been through quiet some 360s.

r1sh122741d ago

you mean quite not quiet

Persistantthug2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

At the time they were breaking, XBOX 360 was effectively the better of the of the 2 HD consoles in terms of games and content.

However, now that Microsoft has proven that XBOX 360's can be competent, now, they simply have very few new games coming out that I want to play.

I can't speak for anyone else, but those egregious failure rates cost Microsoft my business.

Maybe Microsoft can earn my business for the next generation.

darthv722741d ago

usually someone doesnt buy a platform for whats to come. They get one for what is available. The games that come out later are simply a bonus for having the platform.

Id say you are missing out on some great 360 titles in their back catalog. If you are satisfied with what you have then I respect that.

Its never to late to pick up a platform and the games that made it great. Unless of course the cost of going back is too much to bare.

Hicken2741d ago

Same. I want 360, if only(and, really, ONLY) for the exclusive rpgs on the system. But to me, they haven't shown a concern for gamers in regards to new core IPs- so I won't buy a new system from them, where my money would be furthering a direction in gaming I don't agree with- nor have they instilled in me a trust of their hardware- so I won't waste my money on an old system which could break down at any time.

I hate Microsoft. Hated them before they entered the gaming arena. But I like games. So, for the sake of games, I hope they get their act together. Although, to be honest, it's actually better for my wallet if they don't.

r1sh122741d ago

The RROD was bad, but at the same time MS did replace consoles free of charge which did include P&P.
Since then the RROD noise has pretty much died down.

The big issue was creating divisions between SKU's, how can MS have released the 'arcade' version of the fat and slim Xbox without a hard drive?
This just forced game devs to continue using DVD discs for content like the GTA IV addons.
The price of addon hard drives was insane.

I can understand the reason for doing it, but with extortionate hard drive prices it made it worse for many customers. Hard drive storage is becoming more important as games are being installed to the HD like with the current xbox, and with disc size increasing with the next iteration of the xbox (BLU ray) they will need massive hard drive sizes without retarded prices.

The install game to hard drive option is the reason why my xbox keeps fairly cool and quiet when playing games.

andrewsqual2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

But getting it to the market is what was a good thing for them this gen. It turned out people are retards.
1 Don't leave said broken piece of shit machine on market for 4.5 years before "fixing" it with a new machine.
2 Don't take such pride in the branding of your console next gen to the point of stupidity i.e. don't call your fucking machine Xbox in Japan, translation to Japanese FailBox.
3 Again fuck uyour branding, own up to the ridiculousness of putting lime green on all your boxes. Hint* it clashes on over 97% of games released. Example which is the worse cover here, hint its the one with the colour that compromises the overall class and style of the cover.
4 Dont use the same overall shitty drive in your machine for the duration of the console's life with a fucking drawer that opens. Even the Slim PS2 had a top loading disc drive.
5 All of these points were based on the hardware itself. The last point is just spend your money on creating jobs and game studios instead of wasting it on advertising your shitty hardware described in the previous 4 points. Not everybody is a retard, no matter how much money you spend on crap like, remember the GTA exclusiveness that meant nothing in the end One of these previous points above is going to turn people off your machine forever at some point in their ownership. Only the retards say "Yeah I'm on my 9th machine but I love it for all the exclusives, i.e. all the 6 Halo games that have been released on it."

Think where Microsoft would be if they had have not fucked up so much. If they learn from all these mistakes, they could rule the..............wait what that yearly sub is nearly running out? Better resubscribe $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

dcbronco2741d ago

Exclusives? Really? All of those are poor excuses. But the exclusives things is the worst.

Look at last year.
Sony released six major exclusives. LBP2, SOCOM 4, Killzone 3, InFamous 2, Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3.

What happened. The 360 sold more consoles worldwide. So while exclusives really seem to matter to a few. The majority seem to be ignoring them. Exclusives are meant to sell consoles. Six of Sony's "biggest" didn't do too well in that department.

Let the exclusives thing die.

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ShadesMoolah2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I would consider myself an early adoptor when it comes to gaming, though have been burnt with numerous Xbox 360 consoles and replacements, no doubt I will end up with the new Xbox, but it will likely be late, as I want to be damn sure it works long-term. As for Sony on the other hand, I consider myself to be queing up already.

RaidensRising2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Extended warranty cost the big M 1billion usd. I doubt they will want a repeat.

dericb112741d ago

How many people really used it? I'm tried of they placed a billion cause I know 4 people who trashed them and bought a new one. Most people didn't know about that so please stop bragging about it.

2741d ago
WetN00dle692741d ago

Youd have to be pretty stupid not to know about the Warranty. EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING HAS A WARRANTY! Hell even food has a Warranty!

Megaton2741d ago

RRoD was one of the best things that could have happened to them, which is probably why they chose to release it knowing about the problems. It's also probably why they released the Arcade unit to market without a hard drive. All their bad press was just that, bad press. It didn't stop their fanbase from rampantly buying replacements or getting new units through the warranty. It inflated their units sold like the PS2 with DRE issues.

JBSleek2741d ago

Microsoft made many mistakes. I would hope for their sake as in the console war they won't make them again as Sony is going to be back in PS2 form for next generation and Nintendo has joined the HD war.

This upcoming generation will surely be a good one. Picking up all three consoles.

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