Ridge Racer 7 First Impressions

As ever, the core of the racing experience relies on being able to drift successfully around corners, build up your boost meter (again, divided into three sections) and unleash it Burnout-style at strategic moments (double or triple boosting by holding down R2 and L2). You can also gain some extra momentum by 'drafting' opponents by edging close to the car in front of you and gain extra momentum in their slip stream, and a little indicator underneath the boost bar gives you a little visual indicator to let you know just how much extra pull you're gaining. With skill and timing, you can slip beyond opponents, boost on the follow-through and not only leave them for dust, but top up your meter again in the process. To emphasise the speed burst, the edges of the screen warp accordingly.

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Karibu5847d ago

Motorstorm, recistance, eye of judgement, heavenly sword, afrika, lair...sequels??

whateva5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

from what I have seen Ridge Racer 7 look better and move faster then any car game on the 360 and that this web site only post articles that try to make the PS3 look bad in some kind of a way but its not going to work cause people are going to see for themselves how much better PS3 games look over the xbox360 and the wii games demos will be setup next month and websites that bashed the PS3 are going to look stupid and lose all of they credibility just like this article (so they didn't see how good this game looked huh)if this was a xbox360 game all they would of talked about was how it ran 60fps at 1080p and how good it looked and moved

EnforcerOfTheTruth5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

...a pure 360 fanboy. They always post ridiculous rumours just to make the PS3 look bad. 2.8 ghz Cell anyone?

----------------------------- -------------------
Twice the size but half the price, thanks Sony !!!

Antan5847d ago

3.2 but not to worry.

PS360PCROCKS5847d ago

Wow seriously all of you doesn't matter who posted it or what it says it's a personal opinion of one person, other websites might say the same, other sites might say different...he's helping out the site by posting news from various sources, so's not like the article says it totally sucks, it just says that the drifting is too loose and goes a little too far