5 games that are better on PS3 than Xbox 360 writes:

"These days, Sony’s black behemoth is packing some serious contenders in the third-party space. Years of arduous tinkering with the hardware has resulted in some impressive titles, and more importantly, ones that are actually superior – no matter how subtle – to their Xbox 360 counterpart. It’s a highly contentious topic we know, but the folks at decided to brave the subject and list five titles on PS3 we feel have the edge over their 360 counterparts."

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Abash3141d ago

Well the PlayStation exclusive series being my favorites and some of the best I have ever played is why I prefer the PS3 over my 360.

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WeskerChildReborned3141d ago

PS3 has some great quality exclusives.

waltyftm3141d ago

Troll disagree's are in full effect, anybody who can honestly explain how the PS3 hasn't got some great quality exclusives please do so and prove me wrong.

Oh_Yeah3141d ago

PS3= third person games and fighters. the daulshock just seems better for them imo, with the d pad and looser sticks for agile movements.

360= 1st person games and driving games. due to the triggers actually resembling gun triggers and the precise movement you get from the stiffer sticks.

but really i dont pay for the games i get for the 360 are just exclusives i like and single player games that are better on it with no multiplayer. ie elder scrolls, fallout and what not

Imalwaysright3141d ago

Playing driving games with a controller... is just wrong! Wheel is the way to go!

Oh_Yeah3141d ago

@ imalwaysright

idk man, the only driving games i like are midnight club la and burnout paradise..not even sure if they support a wheel. even if they did im not spending extra money on that ish

MaxXAttaxX3141d ago

Many 360 gamers actually map the shooting button to the bumper instead of the trigger because it's quicker and requires less effort and travel time than the trigger.

However, not many will admit to this :P

Reverent3141d ago

@Ockbar, both those games support a wheel. And they both work smoother with one than with a controller.

Either way, I just flat out prefer the Dualshock. It doesn't make my hands sweat like the xbox controller, I like the symmetrical placement of the analogs, and people who complain that, "oh it's too small for my hands, I have huge hands", That's just crap. My hands are generally larger than the average adults and the Dualshock still fits me fine.

People can prefer what they prefer because when it comes down to it, they're all just opinions, and opinions should only matter to their respective owners.

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showtimefolks3141d ago

you know sad thing is there are many blind fanboys who just don't want a ps3 because they just hate PS brand or sony. They rather pay MS more for less

if you are a core gamer PS3 has the 3rd party games along with AAA titles that are only available on ps3.

starting with

Heavenly sword
Rather and clank series
killzone 2
resistance fall of man
last of us
dust 514

just to name a few

as a gamer i am not loyal to any side i want games and best value for my money for first 3-4 years MS delivered a lot but over the last 3 years they have totally forgotten about us and their target is the wii crowd of casual gamers

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Godmars2903141d ago

Do you really and truly want or expect fanboys to be proud that Brink plays better on the PS3?

Also, wasn't there some grass meme going on about grass in LA Noire?

May as well put Batman Arkham Asylum for the Joker levels.

BlackTar1873141d ago

grass thing i think was Mafia 2 or godfather or something

Them_Bones3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

LA Noire should have been PS3 exclusive for many reasons:
1. Sony helped R* with the production of the game.
2. R* owes sony an exclusive.
3. They had to cut out 2 whole desks (burglary and fraud) just so the 360 could handle it as they couldn't fit more than 4 discs in a case.

Soldierone3141d ago

I think this is where Agent sprung up, but that too has disappeared as of late.....

_Aarix_3141d ago

Dude they cut them out because they were in debelopment hell. Do you know how bad the working conditions were? They cut those 2 out because they thought it had enough content. Dont you think they wouldve atleast made it dlc later?

Them_Bones3141d ago

I know they were in development hell, R* couldn't wait to get L.A. Noire out the door so they could let go of team bondi (f*cking shame nobody else would buy them).
But at the same time even if it was a smooth development they still couldn't add those desks to the game because of 360 limitations, and they weren't ever planned as dlc, so they were just scrapped because of that reason.
You can actually see in some of the later cases that Cole knows detectives he had never met before which is obvious that they were part of those two desks.

homer3141d ago

Some of your claims for why it should have been exclusive are ok but R* doesn't owe sony sh**.

Reverent3141d ago

R* literally gave Sony an IOU... So yeah, they kinda do.

homer3140d ago

How so? What does R* owe sony and why?

M_Prime3141d ago

OMG.. i have to swap disks, ohh no!! end of the world right there..

and please give me a break, they can easily fit 4 disks into a case.

and as others said, R* doesn't owe sony anything.. R* goes where the money is, and because of that way more people can enjoy their games :-)

Them_Bones3141d ago

Panda's are black, white and Asian lol.

homer3140d ago

Swapping discs is a minor annoyance but I'm sure 360 fans spend less time doing that over all compared to ps3 fans and their long load and install times. Why does no one talk about that lol?

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BattleTorn3141d ago

I'm glad Battlefield 3 wasn't on that list, because it would've been incorrect.

Bioshock's later release on PS3 was definitely superior.

And LA NOIRE had a much superior version on PS3. (It's the reason I actually bought mine)

They really should have had Mass Effect 2 on that list. The PS3 version of ME2 was light/day compared to ME2 on 360. (same can't be said for ME3 tho)

Rupee3141d ago

I'm pretty sure ME2 on PS3 was on their new engine so naturally the graphics were a bit better. I could be wrong on that one though...

TekoIie3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

The comparison for ME2's ps3 and 360 versions was really weird. Usually looked a LOT sharper on the PS3 version and the lighting was a bit better (bearing in mind that shadow effects in ME2 were terrible) and in other areas it looked worse :/

The biggest problem with ME2 was that the ps3 version had nearly everyone suffering audio being out of sync for sfx during cutscenes and it really took you out of the moment and the framerate being awful when fighting 5+ enemies.

EA basically just wanted to cash in and pissed me and many others off a LOT.

BattleTorn3141d ago

ME2 was released on PS3 a year after the 360 version, and it was on their new engine.

So, yeah the reasoning is obvious. But so are the differences. IMO ME2 on PS3 was like an entirely new game.

BigStef713141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Actually you're wrong about BF3 cuz the ps3 version was way better than the 360 one and heres a link to prove it:
Also even DICE said the ps3 was the elite console version. Sure it doesn't look great like the PC version but it still looks allot better that the 360 version.
Its just like how COD is allot better on 360

A disagree. WOW that person is just ignorant

TheRealTedCruz3141d ago

Tell that to my two friends who actually sold their ps3 versions and put the cash towards a 360 copy because of the mucked controls a lot of people are experiencing.

Besides, I think everyone knows that the few, and rather slight, graphical improvements the ps3 version had over the 360 version literally needs a side by side comparison to even tell any sort of difference.

WetN00dle693141d ago

Lens of truth really???
No wonder you got disagrees. Next time go with digital foundry.

MysticStrummer3141d ago

"Besides, I think everyone knows that the few, and rather slight, graphical improvements the ps3 version had over the 360 version literally needs a side by side comparison to even tell any sort of difference."

The same can be said for the multiplats that look better on 360. Most require a side by side comparison to tell the difference. The truth is, there are very few multiplats that look substantially better on either platform. Parity is the name of the game. Exclusives... well we all know that's a different story, whether we want to admit it or not. PS3 wins... not by a world shattering margin but PS3 does win. PS3 exclusives have more of a visual advantage over 360 exclusives than 360 multiplats have over PS3 multiplats. End of story. I'm an American and I approve this statement. Carry on.

TheRealTedCruz3141d ago


Yeah, yeah.

We are talking about BF3 here, believe it or not. Let's not go on a mini rant just because of someone's console favoritism.

AO1JMM3141d ago

All those differences wouldn't even be noticed by your average gamer during gameplay so it doesn't matter, PC is the better version obviously.

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jc485733141d ago

game that failed on both consoles

Street Fighter x Tekken

HammadTheBeast3141d ago

F*ck that game. Tekken X Street Figter will be much better. Crapcom can't do shit.

jc485733141d ago

I really am dying to see how that game turns out. I could definitely see the challenge there.