Call of Duty’s Hardcore Mode Is Only Played by Talentless Morons

There’s an annoying cross section of CoD fanatics who incessantly drone on about Hardcore Mode being the ultimate Call of Duty experience. If you’re even tangentially familiar with the franchise, you’ve undoubtedly run across a few of these idiots.

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Emilio_Estevez2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Just teh hardcore mode?

Hardcore is about being tactical not about being balanced. Thus the hiding, silencers, etc - that's how you win in a mode like that.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

i play hardcore because i believe in some realism.normal mode is for morons...since when does it take half a magazine to kill someone.

Statix2308d ago

Since when does 2-3 bullets = half a magazine?

KaBaW2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Since when can you shoot at somebody directly, & they still run up and stab you?
That's what I hate about normal. It's way to easy to stab people..

ACBAA2308d ago

somebody sucks at aiming

StanLee2308d ago

Honestly, it's EZ mode if you're a competent player. My biggest problem with Call of Duty is not winning gun fights where I have the clear advantage. Whether it's lag or weapon balance, it's not a good feeling losing a gunfight where you obviously had the drop on the other guy. The problem with Hardcore mode is, there is no competitive balance. It seems like the guys who play are they guys who have problems being consistent in the normal modes. They suck, period. If you suck at Call of Duty, hardcore more wont make you better at the game.

bobshi2308d ago

@Statix it doesn't take 2-3 bullets to kill someone.

It is 2-6 depending on the gun, discounting shotguns and snipers of course.


Add to that the fact that you should ideally shoot before ADS'ing to get a bullet in prior to aiming properly, and then lag compensation you soon eat up your bullets.

TekoIie2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Since when did 1 bullet guarantee a kill? Shot in the arm and you instantly die in hardcore. SAS training (The real life verson -.-)recommends that you aim for the head with your side arm or always shoot twice in the chest. This strategy should kill your target or prevent any resistance from him.

"I play hardcore because i believe in some realism"

I remember some of your past comments and your a Borderline PC Elitist so why don't you play Arma instead?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2307d ago

When countless douchers use the quick snipe auto aim garbage and run around with a 50 cal sniper rifle shotgun.

Hardcore mode is really the only mode I can stand anymore when I play cod unless I play with my buddies. The lag still kills this game to this day. Billion dollar franchise and they still won't use dedicated servers.

Zha1tan2307d ago

Hardcore is not in the slighest realistic just because you die with fewer bullets.

Go play Arma II then come back to me on what realism is.

PoSTedUP2307d ago

i play hardcore cuz i like it when ppl aren't wearing thick armored vests. you kill someone easier but you also get killed easier. it determines who is REALLY quicker and not who can keep the games Auto-Aim aimed on the enemy the longest. but dont ever talk about realism and cod those two words dont go together. i also hate cheesey ppl, i'll run around with just throwing knifes or just a pistol b4 i give myself any kind of advantage.

irepbtown2307d ago

Try play hardcore on COD4 then come back and say it's for morons.

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Red_Orange_Juice2308d ago

I've run across idiots in online checkers, thats multiplayer for you

WeskerChildReborned2308d ago

Hardcore seems to easy when you just camp. Hell even someone finds a good enough camp spot where their is only 1 way someone can get you, you could basically live the whole game. Yea ik it's to be tactical but people still shouldn't camp in the same spot for the whole game, i say people should tactical camp, camp in a spot for a few seconds then move out.

darren_poolies2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Admittedly I play COD quite a bit and what I hate most about it is the fact that if you kill someone, no matter how you play or what weapon you use, you are always branded a "camper" or a "noob". I honestly believe that most people don't even know what a "camper or a "noob" is. I run around a corner, kill somebody and all I hear is "F*cking camper". It really grinds my gears.

More on topic, I don't play hardcore because I think it is even more unfair than the normal modes. Lately I've been playing 2 v 2 with my friend quite a lot and love it. Although it's really annoying how many teams just leave if you are beating them.

flyinrhyno2305d ago

I agree 100% or you spawn someone runs by you and says F-in camper lmao. Or people who complain that an RPG is a noob-tube, noob-tubes are grenade launchers, RPG is a rocket. The reason I unlocked the RPG with a token was so that I can piss people off with it, and remove campers easier.

JsonHenry2307d ago

I just want another Raven Shield. I played hardcore (when I still played CoD) because I like how you couldn't just run through a hale of bullets and still live. When I put one or two rounds in someone they should go down. It also slows the pace down from an arcade style and forces you to play more tactically if you want to win.

GuyThatPlaysGames2307d ago

All it takes to win in hardcore is patience more than anything. If you run around like you're playing core mode, then yes you will get your ass shot off.

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Jadedz2308d ago

The only reason I play in the Hardcore, is to do away with the onscreen map, and shots are more fatal.

*looks at mirror, then buries face in palms*

JBSleek2308d ago

I wonder did making this article make the author feel better about life.

AngelicIceDiamond2308d ago

Cod in gneral is for Talentless morons.

ab5olut10n2308d ago

Maybe he means being able to take 60+ rounds in the chest is a talent? That could be true I guess.

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