5 great horror games with bad graphics

5 great horror games with bad graphics video with Rob Welch.

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Qrphe2743d ago

Ao Oni is an intense games even if with SNES graphics. The cool thing about SCP is that every session is randomly generated meaning that sometimes you get to "get spooked real good" and other you walk around for hours.

guitarded772743d ago

30 min video for a top 5 list... that's a bit excessive. If would great if the time was cut way down... there are long, long...... pauses with nothing but gameplay. Edit down better, and you'll have a great video, but this is way too long.

DrRobotnik2743d ago

Clock Tower scared the crap out of me.

amaguli2743d ago

Corpse Party was a great horror game. I might check out a few of these games, the look interesting.