Teenage Boy Hacks, Steals for Princess Dress

Kotaku Brian Ashcraft writes:

It all started with a gothic Lolita dress. A 16 year-old Japanese gamer has been arrested by cops from Tokyo Metropolitan Police's "Hi-Tech Crimes Control Center" for stealing 36 million yen (US $325,000) worth of virtual currency that's used in online RPG Mabinogi. The teen obtained the ID and password of an employee at the Tokyo branch of Korean game company NEXON. With that info, he accessed the company's servers and filled his virtual pockets with in-game money. He allegedly converted amount 600,000 yen ($5,500) into real cash, which he spent on books and software.

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Cyrus3654380d ago

The lengths people will go to get certain items in games, lol

Azures4380d ago

This was obviously no longer about just items lol.

HeartlesskizZ4380d ago

wow he bought books? anyways great job just to bad you didn't got away with it

Not the Face4380d ago

boy on boy comics and books about making puppets.

Cyrus3654380d ago

Great job? good thing he got caught, who knows what he'd have done if he got away with it, bigger and better things?

WilliamRLBaker4380d ago ShowReplies(2)
whengeeksgobad4380d ago

it sounds like some teenaged cross dressing hacker gone wild. Great stuff.

Cyrus3654380d ago

I think that's the point of the title lol...

KidMakeshift4380d ago

Great, another horrible Law & Order episode in the making

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