EA: Dead Space single-player too scary

EA's research has suggested many things about the Dead Space series that are revealing about it, but the revelation of it being scary it not surprising at all. So why make it less scary?

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Them_Bones2740d ago

EA talking out their ass as usual.

Blackdeath_6632740d ago

i know, Typical of them. about half way in my first dead space 2 playthrough it stopped being scary, once you've gotten used to all the stuff jumping on the screen and the loud music it starts to get tedious.

IMChampion2739d ago

Its not EA talking out there ass, well it could be, could be not. They said they did their research more than likely from focus group testing and those are the people that said it was too scary, not EA.

I've done plenty of focus testing, the goal of EA is just to try and get the product out to even more people. Its just simply business.

I bought Dead Space one the day it came out. It's one helluvah scary game and I love it. I personally wouldn't have changed a thing, well maybe except how it has to sync trophies before you play, but I don't run EA.

Them_Bones2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Dead space 1 and 2 weren't scary at all.
I only played them for the gore.
The classic resident evils had something dead space never did, the one thing that made them scary at all.
It's funny how so many people out there think the classic resident evils are scary because of the survival aspects, the don't even know that what actually gets them nervous is staring them right in the face, or should I say ear :)

Ducky2739d ago

Nope, just sensationalist headlines twisting what was actually said.

moeqawama2739d ago

Thank you! Finally someone speaks logically!

Wingsfan242739d ago

Between sensational headlines and the comments I can't stop myself from reading on this site, gamers irritate me more and more every day.

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RuleNumber52740d ago

Yep. I saw this game at E3 and it is still pretty damn scary. I mean I ended up needing my second pair of pants.

Kran2739d ago

Some would say:

Not nearly enough.

But there are moments which.... can brutally scar you :P ...... needle in the eye..... gah... :l

NYC_Gamer2739d ago

I'm not buying DS3 since EA made it play like Gears of War instead of keeping the franchise original

Kyosuke_Sanada2739d ago

To who, the middle aged mothers they had in those awful Dead Space commercials....

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The story is too old to be commented.