Just what is the Nintendo Wii U?

So what is the Wii U then?

The Wii U is Nintendo’s new console; a follow-up to the original Wii that you all loved for the first week and then packed away into the cupboard.

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StarFox2739d ago

a controller at least thats the way nintendo promotes it.

live2play2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

this is new?
nintendo started promoting their systems by focusing on their own new way to play games

for the DS they focused on stylus and dual screen control

for the Wii they focused on motion control

for the 3DS they focused on 3D gaming

for the WiiU they are focusing on asymetrical gamepad gaming

and say by some freak of nature that nintendo wont push their new console to the masses 1 to 2 months before release
people will see the box with a screen controller and ask what the hell it is, then they will get their information

fanboys are under the impression that casuals will just by the new controller thinking it will work on their wii


why would nintendo sell SEPERATE/EXTRA gamepads when there are no games in existence that would need 2 gamepads

in the future when games that use 2 pads come out THEN they will start selling seperate pads

StarFox2739d ago

i never said that this is new im just pointing out the obvious that nintendo promotes the wii u like it's only a controller.

Knushwood Butt2739d ago

'for the WiiU they are focusing on asymetrical gamepad gaming'

lol wut?

omarzy2739d ago

Knushwood Butt. Asymetrical is not an unknown word. Take a math class and it is there. the controller and the tablet separated by the line of symmetry. They are uneven on each side which is where we get the different rols for the tablet in the game. So they use each "side" of the line of symmetry to correspond to the gameplay. It is a great idea if done properly.

fossilfern2739d ago

The problem is the name too. WiiU? They should of called it Wii 2, the countless number of people I know who think its just a new controller for the Wii is laughable. If it was called the Wii 2 then youd know that its a follow up

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2739d ago

@ Knushwood Butt

Here is an example/Preview of Asymetrical Gameplay on the WiiU:

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DivineAssault 2739d ago

ppl dont even know its a new system.. Thats not good & should be clarified quickly before launch & ppl think its a fisher price add on

WeskerChildReborned2739d ago

The people who actually thinks it a add on probably wouldn't care enough to buy it. I'll be looking forward to buying it though. I'm gonna get AC3 and ZombiU.

live2play2739d ago

how will people know its a new system when they havent even started pushing their new system to the masses

only gaming sites and journalists know about the wiiu for now

the big casual push will come later in the year
but ofcourse, anyone with half a brain could figure that out

LOL_WUT2739d ago

Um the successor to the Wii? Should've just named it Wii2 to avoid all the confusion also its not exactly next-gen but close.

yabhero2739d ago

Damn you got the spec list before me right?
That's how you know WiiU is not next gen?

PopRocks3592739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )


Wii, current generation.

Wii U, next generation. The competition does not define that. And even then, you don't have an official spec sheet on the CPU and GPU.

DivineAssault 2739d ago

Its next gen to the fanboys so leave it @ that before they start throwing temper tantrums.. I just cant believe that ppl hold nintendo on such a high pedestal when all they do is rip ppl off.. If the wii u is nx gen, why is it that THEY even said that their network cant compete with current gen? What do u think it will look like when real nx gen comes with MORE online features than they have now?? Wii u wont look so nx gen then

omarzy2739d ago

What is the Wii U? it is a console with a tablet controller. I think i just answered months of internet articles surround the "mysterious Wii U"

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The story is too old to be commented.