Ranking The Console Exclusives

Most of the times we judge a console's worth by its exclusive titles. After all, if a console's first party teams can't produce in a spectacular way why should you have hope that the third parties will? This generation is high on exclusives. Which one was best?

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cstyle2742d ago

If you go by console exclusives then MS has more but best is subjective.

remanutd552742d ago

where the heck is The Last Guardian sony? no, really where is it? i've bought my ps3 with 4 games in mind, Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5 and the next Team Ico project , i have played 3 out of those 4 games and they are all outstanding, among the best the system can offer but where is my most anticipated title this entire generation? i hope to see new details and a simultaneous worldwide release date announcement at TGS.

one more thing i hope evolution studios are hard at work developing a next gen motorstorm title, hoping to see a world tour, hard as hell to beat ( even harder than pacific rift), voice recognition, cockpick view and more , NEXT GEN LUNATICS UNITE!!!!

Venox20082742d ago

for me on exclusives (quantity/quality):

1. Wii

both really had good gameplay experiences

2742d ago
ronin4life2742d ago

They left out a lot of Wii exclusives...

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