HD DVD Boss: The Format War is Far From Over

Even with the tide apparently shifting in Blu-ray Disc's favor, the HD DVD camp isn't about to relent in the on-going high-definition format war. HD DVD still commands a significant portion of exclusive content and the most affordable hardware, giving the format a fighting chance – and nobody believes in HD DVD more than Universal Studios executive vice president Ken Graffeo, who also serves as the co-president of the HD DVD Promotional Group:

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Blackmoses4385d ago

going down with the ship!!! It has nothing to do with price anymore numb-skull!

pwnsause4385d ago

well, he is the captain, he has to go down with the ship

Cwalat4385d ago

those damn fu**ers cant take no for an answer.. the consumers have spoken, they want Blu-ray now... NOT hd-dvd- SO stop making these pathetic attempts of getting the consumer back. just deal with the fact that Sony won this war.

HowarthsNJ4385d ago

Sort of...

Well you get the idea.

pwnsause4385d ago

its okay to disagree with me, but you know its the plain truth, just look at the NPD numbers, go to, hell, go to nielson.lmao.

wageslave4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

"the consumers have spoken, they want Blu-ray now... NOT hd-dvd- "

No. Im sorry. What has happened is that the MPAA has chosen, and then used the press to declare the "format war over".

Informed consumers -- those not routeing for it from a game-console-wars perspective -- are pretty clear:

HD-DVDs are less money to manufacture.
HD-DVDs include a DVD-copy of a movie, and play in DVD players.
HD-DVD players upconvert your existing DVD library.

Those are compelling CONSUMER-benefits that CONSUMERS want. Why has the MPAA chosen BluRay? My guess is that the PC industry will be going HD-DVD, and they want to have a format that isnt common to the world's PCs (to protect their DRM schemes, and control the playback devices).

Sony has a history of trying to control user's rights, and anytime the MPAA sides with Sony (who has an RIAA / MPAA division of their own ffs) -- *I* know that it spells lock-in and a terrible user-experience.

Dont fool yourself, the "consumer" hasnt said a word about this yet, the press on all this matter is totally in the realms of geeks and geek-press; the "consumer" market hasnt even begun to think about this.

And, if they *did*, they'd choose HD-DVD as the better choice for *them*.

Panthers4385d ago

"Dont fool yourself, the "consumer" hasnt said a word about this yet"

I think Blu-Ray outselling HDDVD 84-16 is the consumer saying their word on the matter.

zambrota4385d ago

even they were beaten by 85:15 for the last week they still have hope??

not to mention the HW standalone sales stood at 93:7 and that exclude the ps3 sales

lesferdinand4385d ago

Informed consumers know HD-DVD is too little progress from regular DVD. That' s why consumers (except for you apparently) don't care about HD-DVD and avoid it like the plague. By the time the masses start to care (one or two years from now) there will be no HD-DVD anymore to confuse them. Sony and Toshiba should have prevented consumers from this stupid format war but unfortunately MS had to interfere. That Toshiba was stupid enough to accept their money while it was clear that MS was basically trying to kill both optical formats to further their goal of MS controled downloads is beyond me. If you care about the user's rights, Blu-Ray is a much better alternative than an MS download scheme.

beoulve4384d ago

@1.3 LOL, that's pretty funny. The black knight is exactly toshiba. Fight until they have no arm and no legs left.

MADGameR4384d ago

All hes going to witness is getting PWNED left and right, week in and week out! This is going to be so funny to watch! ROFL

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pwnsause4385d ago

Yea, thats what sony said during their betamax days when the movie companies switched, thankfully they learned their lesson by integrating their format into a Video Game system, which works very well. If you guys followed what sony did, you guys wouldnt be in this situation right now. lmao.

CaliGamer4385d ago

Fighting the good fight. They sure have heart.

Panthers4385d ago

but it takes money and I think they will give up soon.