PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale First Look Preview (PlanetPSX)

From the feature preview:

"A few weeks back, Sony invited us out to a pre-E3 press event to get a first look at PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale for the PlayStation 3. This game is practically Sony’s take on the Super Smash Bros. games put together by its rivals at Nintendo. It features a number of their popular franchise characters (and locales) thrown together into one game, battling it out for superiority using whatever battle techniques they can muster. So far, it’s a great looking game, and the addition of Big Daddy from Bioshock and long-time Uncharted hero Nathan Drake certainly makes things interesting."

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Reverent2741d ago

Absolutely no new or interesting information. The guy wrote this article as if he has never even heard of it. I mean, he described the "Jak & Daxter/Hotshots Golf" level for whatever reason. Old news. Everyone knows all of this already.