TGS: Bringing it Home - Day 7

Today we have news of Day 7 of the Tokyo Game Show - Bringing it Home campaign. Read on to find out what content is in store for our HDD's today

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Captain Tuttle5843d ago

I've always wanted to try the Lego Star Wars game.

T-Rac5843d ago

yeah same....

might be worth a rent if the demos any good

willud4skins5843d ago

lego star wars is fun. i played co op with my friend for about 3 hours. really funny game, not too challenging though

NextGen24Gamer5843d ago

Its a good game for sure. I love it. My son loves it. His friends love it. Solid game and pretty lego style graphics in HD.

PS360PCROCKS5843d ago

Ok where the HELL is the sonic demo LAME