10 Things to do in Skyrim before you die

Find the Giant Mudcrab, discover hidden treasure, perform a huge dive and much more

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Irishguy953141d ago

I accidentally found the mudcrab, didn't notice it wasn't a rock till I was right in front of it, would be epic if that was a secret boss/ Bethesda ain't good enough to consider doing that though

Them_Bones3141d ago

I skipped skyrim because I can't afford to lose my life again right now lol. I played oblivion for like 500 hours back in 2007.

shodan743141d ago

I think it's a testament to just how vast Skyrim is that I've played for over 120 hours and only done/encountered two of these things.

Them_Bones3141d ago

You sound like a gears of war fanboy on the mad world youtube video speaking backwards.

PersonaCat3141d ago

As I don't know wth you're talking about, it must be a coincidence lol.

JDW3141d ago

WARNING - Number 1 has a Dawnguard spoiler for those who haven't played the DLC yet.