Religious father beat sons for playing PlayStation too long

In the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire, England, a religious father who tortured his children in what was described as a "campaign of pure cruelty," which included beating one of his sons for playing PlayStation too long, was today warned that he faces a substantial jail sentence.

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Silverwolf4385d ago

Now that's how you create a serial killer! Good going dad.

pwnsause4385d ago

good call, thats how serial killers start, they suffer from a traumatic illness such as taking a beating from a parent. seriously, no joke, go up to a serial killer and ask him.

JsonHenry4385d ago

Maybe next time he will listen when his dad tells him to get off the game!

MailMan4385d ago

Jealous on the fact that his son can play on his AWESOME videogame for more than an HOUR without needing to reach for the nearest WET TOWEL

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND,January 28th=DOOMSDAY for Xbots.

gamesR4fun4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

this has nothing to do with any stupid console war... kinda sic that you need to put that out there.

Really hope these kids never have to go back parents who abuse their kids dont deserve them and ones that go this far should be castrated if not shot.

edit is it me or do we have some pretty immature kids posting today?

mikeslemonade4385d ago

Gamesr4fun, you just made mailman's comment even more funny. You're like WTF.

Panthers4385d ago

Guess parenting is up to the parents, but some people need to lighten up. If you cant get your kids to do things with out beating them, then you failed as a parent.

Daishi4384d ago

@ Jsonhenry
That's why MS came up with the Family Timer! Sorry this isn't funny by any means but Json's comment made me laugh so I have to give him props. Spread the laughter not the tears.

MadMax4384d ago

Yea no doubt, nice going dad. Someone needs to rip that son of a [email protected] balls off. Show him how it feels. Oh yea and as for u JsonHenry i wish u were in front of me when u made that comment so i could smash ur face in and stick my steel toe boot up ur @ss. You scumbag piece of [email protected] Sounds like ur parents raised a worthless maggot. Same goes for u too Mailman. Someone needs to teach the two of u a lesson. Its not a joke, thats beyond [email protected] up. Its too bad it didnt happen to the pair of you instead. JsonHenry i saved ur picture so i know what u look like man if i ever catch u on the street. Im gonna post ur pic up on some gay sites as well and do some nice things with it. Youre gettin terrorized from this day forth.

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GodsHand4385d ago

I love these religious people.

On the path of God, sometimes your take a beating.

On the path of the Devil, it's a carefree life.

LeonSKennedy4Life4385d ago

Until you die.

You'll care a LOT!

Leathersoup4385d ago

Religion is such a symbol of the want to be blind of what's actually occurring in the world. My favorite ironic comment in the bible refers to the "Blind leading the blind". :)

The Killer4384d ago

Islam and quran is meant to be the guide of the humans(not only arabs) to live the perfect way or the best way possible with each other with all races, it brings peace to those who follow it correctly.

God knows humans more than humans know their selfs and i dont think someone that believe in god will argue about this, so dont u think that god gave us the best rules in his Real books on how we should live our life's? or is it that humans dont want anyone to tell them what to do? those who dont follow god and his path will have difficulties in life, like wars, crimes, being evil,being bad, being not helpful to others being selfish etc the real islam is a religioun of peace but also gives us the right to fight back those who fight us unlike Christianity which says "if ur enemy slaps u then give his the other cheek" which no christian ever do it or even believe in it. u see i dont want to heart feelings but i know i might but there is no avoiding it the bible is a book from god but the problem with it that it has been changed from the original book that god send us all humans and that is why send us the quran as the final book and was protected from any changes and its the only book on earth that has god words(i mean all the book is from god directly) and it was arabic language the chosen language for this book,and dont ask me why but maybe because of its richness in expressing everything. and islam can leave peacefully with other religious but unfortunately some people like to use islam and abuse it and make it a reason to kill and to achieve their goals and it happened with all religions. final words dont judge religion based on how whose who practice it, judge it after u read and study it!

on topic beating up children from parents should be for good reason and only after the parents tries all methods to listen to them!

Pain4384d ago

Prove it..

untill u can.. ima go back and play games.

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Lucreto4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

This is one of the many reasons why I am an Atheist. People hurting others because they say that someone is possessed and anything along those lines.

Whats worse it is in the UK.

Daishi4384d ago

I doubt "religion" makes him beat his kids. The same way "violent" video games make people into killers. It's just an excuse to do whatever the heck you feel like doing and justifying it. And more towards my last statement as to why your an atheist as well. People love justification but who are you justifying yourself to?

MadMax4384d ago

Its people like you that need to be removed off the face of the earth u maggot and JsonHenry who likes pole smokin.

Kakkoii4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

This is a sad story. That is probably going to scar those poor kids minds for life.

I'm an atheist to Lucreto. One of the main reasons I'm Atheist is because. Why should I pick a religion? When there are so many different ones out there? Who am I to say which one is the TRUE religion? No one can say which is true.

Which is why it is BEST for everyone to just live a good life. And if there truly is some sort of god. Then he will accept you for living a good life.

And if there isn't. You may have to come to terms with the fact that people just.. Die. Like animals. It's hard to believe that you won't have that sense of consciousness anymore and just be gone. It's human nature. Religion was created as an explanation for the unexplainable. "But in reality, The unexplainable can't be explained. Until that unexplainable happens."

So just live a good life everyone and don't worry about what's after death. Whether it be a heaven or hell, Some sort of ascension or reincarnation, or just pure death.

Just wait and see and enjoy life :).

Lucreto4385d ago

Yes you are right we should enjoy life. I enjoy gaming which others think I am wasting my life.

Those are the same question I ask and the comprehension of death that we just disappear some don't like the idea.

So we should anyways look on the bright side of life.

Kakkoii4385d ago


"Whatever makes you happy in life, is a good life, unless that happiness is brought upon by inflicting sadness on others."

WilliamRLBaker4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

pretty much 100% of every thing that makes you happy...brings unhappiness to someone else in some form or another, the money you make is money others do not have...ect

Kakkoii4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

I guess in a sense your right. But that's really only on the money part.

But the fact that you can afford a video game, and another person can't. Isn't YOUR fault. It's either there fault or some other persons fault that put them in that situation.

One sad reality about the world is. Not everyone can be middle class. Because there just isn't enough homes and money and jobs to go around for the mass population we have. Many people HAVE to be homeless..And have to be poor.

It's sad =/.

"The day we have robots doing all our work jobs for us. Is when poverty will be truly gone. Robots would built wind turbines and other sources of power. And thus there would be enough electricity for them to be self sufficient. We would live in a utopia :).
Ah what I would give to live 200 or 300 years in the future.

xionpunk4385d ago

But what if not choosing anything is a choice in it self?

Kakkoii4385d ago

2 wrongs don't make a right.

By saying not choosing, is choosing.. In itself defies the words "Not Choosing".

But if that's how you feel.



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meepmoopmeep4385d ago

forgive me father for i have gamed?

INehalemEXI4385d ago

Jail..... If someone tortures kids, they belong in 1 of 3 place's the pen, the asylum, or the ground.