THQ: Darksiders II is the 2nd-biggest preordering title in our history

Speaking with Elizabeth Koukeris, 11 year veteran of THQ and Marketing Manager for ANZ, MCV looks at the unique strategy behind the brand.

"We’re on track for Darksiders II to be our second-biggest pre-ordering title in THQ’s history", begins Koukeris, referring to the Australian pre-order numbers. "It's behind Saint’s Row: The Third, and with a media campaign reaching a similar level, which is really exciting for the franchise."

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ApolloTheBoss3141d ago

Good for them. Glad to see people supporting THQ in their time of need.

Emilio_Estevez3141d ago

I didn't realize it's so popular at all. There must be something to it I haven't seen. I'm gonna go look for previews now.

Jdoki3141d ago

Great news. Darksiders is one of my favourite 'Zelda style' games (and in fact I much prefer it to the recent Zelda games).

The art style is great, and the story was engaging. Plus it was fun to play! I also hope the free version on PSN Plus has helped create some more interest in the sequel.

Really looking forward to Darksiders 2. One of the few Day 1 titles on my list this year.

Gekko3141d ago

This is great news for THQ. They need more successful IP's like Darksiders and Saints Row to recover with their financial problems.