Dead Space 3 co-op and EA's attempt to justify it

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"Ever since rumours have been kicked around that Dead Space 3 would receive a cooperative mode, fans began to worry that they might not get the game they wanted. When the piece of gameplay was released at E3 it seemed pretty obvious that while horror did still play a bigger role than in other games, the fear factor was definitely toned down.

Although the amped up action elements played a major role in reducing the scares, the addition of a cooperative partner clearly changed the entire theme, with in-combat chatter and the odds not feeling so overwhelming anymore.

In a recent interview with MCV, EA Games' Marketing Boss Laura Miele has revealed that the addition of co-op in Dead Space 3 was made because the previous titles were 'pretty scary'."

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kamruk3141d ago

Something Papoutsi said which had me thinking if going with a no-name silent partner would have been better was the following:

"We felt a great place [was] being on the headsets, online with your friend [and] you could still have that very custom experience for you, seeing only what you see and we felt that was really going to deliver on a very good, cooperative experience. So that’s the direction we went."

Instead of having Isaac and Carver saying "look over there" the tension and its reflection in dialogue would be up to the players themselves.

joab7773141d ago

The only way they redeem themselves is if Carver is in Isaac's head and never existed at all. But as for why it won't be scary anymore...$$$$$$$$$.

kamruk3141d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking, especially because Isaac is supposedly not going to have visions with Carver around.

What I would have loved as a co-op mode was if two players started at two ends and simultaneously work towards a single goal, in the end the insanity visions match you up against one another without even knowing it, as both players fight for their survival.

Ares84HU3141d ago

It might not be such a bad thing though. I love Dead Space just as much as the next guy but let's be honest here. I'd much rather take co-op over competitive mp.

Maybe it'll be good maybe not. Let's wait and see. But it does look much more action focused than what it used to be. At least we still got two of the best survival horror games this gen out of it right?

Kurylo3d3141d ago

i wouldnt take coop. Id rather have the mp. Unless teh coop was multiplayer only and not in the single player.. and u were 2 different characters.

NYC_Gamer3141d ago

EA is ruining the franchise by making it co-op/more like Gears of War...

kamruk3141d ago

Trying to market the game to people who aren't fans of the series is ridiculous, especially now that it's an established franchise. The sad thing however is that it works.
Resident Evil used its name to lure in new gamers and has moved away from survival horror (before anybody disagrees, I mean survival horror gameplay, leaving the idea of scares out of the picture). The horror fans make up a niche market, Masachika Kawata (the producer behind Resident Evil Chronicles) even acknowledged the fact that action simply sells in an interview with Gamasutra.

Baka-akaB3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

You forgot the part where unlike Resident Evil being already huge when they messed with it , Dead is a relatively unknown IP that was only starting to make a good name for itself .

It's not at all certain they'll attract a new crowd and are already losing a good amount of Dead Space fans .

Good luck with that EA , you most likely signed the serie's death warrant

Kurylo3d3141d ago

ill try this one when its $5 on steam... definently wont be a day 1 buy like it would have been if it was strictly horror.

user54670073141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

What a BS excuse...

"but wanted to see how the franchise could reach more consumers"

So you thought you could ruin what the game was about and give your loyal fabase, the ones who got the game where it is today, a giant middle finger.

I call bullsh*t of that research, just a stupid excuse for ruining the franchise so you can justify your actions. They probably didn't even do any research.

"but it was pretty scary, and the obvious next step was that they wanted to play with someone"

Who said that...honestly, what kind of people said that. No oen wanted co-op in this game, hell no one wanted multiplayer in DS2 but you added it anyway. Can you not see the fan reaction towards the direction if this now generic third person Gears of War clone. Look at the reaction towards RE5 when they introduced co-op there and the one liked it and no one wanted co-op in a horror game

As I've already said this just seems like they are trying to justify their actions with BS market research

"the fear factor was definitely toned down. "

Toned's dead

It's a non horror game now, don't sugar coat it we saw all the stuff for it at E3 and it's not a horror game anymore.

Baka-akaB3141d ago

It's even worse than just being a Gears clone . I blind tested Dead Space 3 vids and Lost Planet 3 , and most people tricked though it was the same game

Kyosuke_Sanada3141d ago

Remember how people complained about the weight and classes of Killzone II to make it similar to Call Of Duty yet when Guerilla made these changes, the third installment was released with inferior sales compared to the previous.

I predict the same will got to Dead Space.....


Are these market research people just making stuff up and giving it to the EA bosses and saying this is what they want.

RIP the real Dead Space

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