I Suck at Gaming… Because I’m a Woman?

Apparently I suck at gaming… or so I’ve been told. Yes, it seems that the secret is out. I never thought I was going to win any tournaments, no, but that I “suck?” Well, that seems a bit extreme. So why is it? Is it because my thumbs aren’t lightning quick? Perhaps I lag too much? Maybe my tv is too small or too big? No? None of those things? Then why? Because I have a vagina. The cat is out of the bag!

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GribbleGrunger2877d ago

what is it with all these female centric articles that keep popping up. I'm sick of this sexist nonsense. A gamer is a gamer regardless of colour, race, sex or sexual orientation... so please stop with these sexist articles. If you have a problem being a female, seek help.