STN: The Vita's not dead, it's just waking up


This may come as a shock to some, but PS Vita does have games coming out for it later this year. Many have slated Sony and the device for it’s lack of games, but with around 40 titles already on the system and at least 20+ more to come before the end of the year, I think that the Vita is unfairly criticised.

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chrisarsenalsavart2333d ago

doomed! we are so doomed
there s no games on vita except ;
uncharted,fifa,virtua tennis 4,gravity rush,resistance, mgs hd,wipeout,
Unit13, escape plan, little deviants....etc
The real question is how many games do you fck needs anyway to be happy.
I didnt see that many people hating the 3ds when there was not even 20 games after 6 months. But sony giving you over 40 games during launch window and every fucking websites already claim the vita is doomed.
You all pathetic

Sanquine902333d ago

Because people have the habit to want more and more games. I think the vita is amazing. However , there are kids that are only happy when there are call of doeties on their console.. 3Ds is diffirent... Every freaking kid with the age of 12 loves to play with mario.. Who does not? Eating a mushroom and becoming a giant xD Mario is an advertisiment for drugs:D

CommonSenseGamer2333d ago

Ok, with such a solid line up games already available why is it not selling?

FriedGoat2333d ago

Consumers are stupid. people want the next 6 hour long mario game instead of real titles with 20+ hours of content.

GribbleGrunger2333d ago

Perhaps consumers just read the sort of crap we get on this site and believe it?

CommonSenseGamer2333d ago

@FriedGoat: by you're own definition you are stupid as well. Honestly, how about a mature discussion rather than just attacking people.

FriedGoat2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I'm allowed to voice my opinion, I can't deny I've made some silly decisions such as buying a 3DS on launch, The Vita has a much better library 4 months in than the 3DS had, and if consumers aren't happy it's their own damn fault.

I wasn't being immature its just how I see it, I've played many 3DS games and been disappointed by the short cuts nintendo took to shove games out for the system. Pilot wings was so unbelievably short it was ridiculous, Star fox had revamped multiplayer but no online? lazy, MarioKart 7 inferior to its DS predecesor, Mario 3D land i completed with all star coins in 5-6 hours.
Not only those but the Eshop wasn't even ready for launch, there is still only a very small eshop 3DS library after over a year of release.

Then you have people complaining at sony 4 months in when there are quite a lot of PSN titles available on the vita and not only that pretty much the whole retail library is available online.

I have over 10 retail titles for the vita and many PSN games and i'm still stuck on what games to play.

The 3DS on the other hand has been pretty stale, i've gone through 20+ games on the 3DS. I thought RE:R was ok, Kid icarus had a fair amount of content, But overall i've enjoyed my vita more in 4 months than I have the 3DS since launch.
All I can narrow it down to is that people are stupid, simple as.

Unexpecta2333d ago

@CommonSenseGamer - The next 'best' handheld after the PSVita is the 3DS. It has been out for over a year compared to the PSV's 5 month age. Being the only good gaming handheld out in the market before the PSV allowed the 3DS to acquire a chunk of consumers from many demographics and developers. Take this into fact that there was the significant 3DS price drop. I can list a ton of reasons as to why the PSV is not surprising us in terms of sales, but that's perfectly fine, it's just a matter of time.

@FriedGoat - Yeah consumers are very stupid! I can confirm this because I've made stupid decisions before in buying products and services. But I think the people who take the title of stupidity are the people who bought the Nintendo 3DS at $250. But FriedGoat, you've redeemed yourself because you've accepted your mistakes and made the right decisions. At the time the 3DS released, there was already news and info about the PSV way before. People could've easily researched and compared which is the better device that will give you the best experience and satisfaction with your time. Yeah, I agree, there are tons of content on the PSV, from full console games to minis, everything's great and there's no need to complain.

Also, people who complain about the PSVita's price, what I suggest to you is go out to your nearest gaming store and play on the PSV. Get a feel of it, play some games, explore. Then, go home and compare the PSV's specs and reviews to other devices, like the 3DS. Only then you will have a clear picture of the future.

Hicken2333d ago

Common sense: not present.

Plenty of reasons it's not selling, from it being perceived as too expensive, to the perception that it has no games, to the fact that it's not geared towards a wide demographic, to the 3DS having a year on the market to develop a larger following.

People ARE dumb. They'll buy what the commercials or their friends tell them to, without any regard for the actual ability/content of the product. Earlier this week, a guy came into my store and swore up and down that Call of Duty was the best shooter on the planet... but he hasn't played ANYTHING ELSE.

That's the mentality of the average person. And the majority of sales even on a niche product(as long as it's not TOO niche), belong to the average consumer, not the enthusiast. A ten year-old that just wants Mario and Pokemon most likely fits into the former category, not the latter. And there are definitely more ten year-olds in the former category than there are twentysomethings in the latter with a 3DS.

But you know all this, right? After all, this is all common sense, and you're CommonSenseGamer.


maniacmayhem2331d ago

Looks at comments above and shakes head...

So consumers are all of a sudden dumb because they're not buying the Vita?

Really? This is what the forces of N4G have concluded too about why the Vita isn't doing as well as it should. Is this really what you guys have come down too?

Maybe consumers are smart enough to realize that there is no need to buy a $250+ portable gaming device that doesn't have the functionalites of a smartphone. But oh no lets just call them stupid and sheep. Yet if it were selling it would be the total opposite.

Consumers are not dumb, and if its "perceived" as too expensive...well then maybe it IS too expensive to the average consumer. Especially when there are cheaper options available for portable gaming.

C'mon guys, stop reaching.

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Adityac2333d ago

Watch LBP Vita and COD Vita come out, people will be all over it.

ooquis2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

chrisarsenalsavart i feel you man....i still got loads of vita games to play,don't know what the fuss is about that there are no games on the Vita. I mean Really?

Mustang300C20122333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Please this system was dead on arrival. It came too late. Sony tried the failed plan that they did with the PSP to both focus on hardcore gamers and not enough unique content vs what is already available on the PS3. It had a great launch list and anesnare available now. The system isn't selling and no way Sony is going to sale 10 mil from 12 mil initial projections for the FY.

Unexpecta2333d ago

Did someone punch you in the face today?

Mustang300C20122333d ago

No just expressing my opinion when you look at everything. People are catching feelings because they are fanboys or justifying their purchase. Looking at everything the issues isn't the current available games or soon to come or price. The system simply isn't viable in today's world. The system still doesn't have any synergy. In addition just being a video game handheld is not enough. The only issue with the games I see is the same issue with the PSP and that is not enough unique games made for the Vita. Just me too available games that wasa failure for why games didn't do well on the first PSP. People can disagree then provide a response. If you are happy with your purchase that is justification enough. But we are talking about why this product is not blazing to people's hands. I work part time at Best Buy. The system isn't selling. Then people think just a price drop Orr the next game is going to pick up sales when it won't. 3rd party got burned last time around. They can't afford to take anymore risk and this is the case for all systems but especially the Vita.

g-nome2333d ago

Agree , it is a great console with a great future. Gamers are just a bunch of spoilt brats. How many games on launch would have satisfied them .. a 100 maybe.

CommonSenseGamer2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Maybe the Vita is still too expensive given most of the world is still in a recession. Maybe people just don't see it as being real value for money given its more expensive than a PS3. Maybe general purpose smartphones are what more consumers want. Instead of just hitting disagree try sharing a valid reason as to why its not selling.

Mustang300C20122333d ago

Exactly. Too many people acting sensitive.

GreatGreyWolfSif2333d ago

I really like the Vita's hardware and respect that Sony is trying their hardest to cater to everyone, but the fact is that mostly core gamers are supporting it and they need to cater strictly to the people who are supporting them. Vita is a beautiful machine! I don't see anyone dropping all that $ for a child to play. Of course this is just my opinion but come on already... It's not dead, it's just struggling finding its footing.

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