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Skateboarding games sure went downhill, didn't they? Back in 1999, Neversoft and Activision revolutionized extreme sports games with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the PlayStation, N64, and Dreamcast, and every year for the next seven, Neversoft tried to revamp and improve on the formula. Many fans agree that it was the fourth game that was the turning point for the series and where things started to fall apart. Each game that followed got more ridiculous, adding features but getting away from the raw and simple fun of the original three games. In my reviews, I kept urging Activision to Neversoft to slow down and break the yearly cycle to put more effort into something that made bigger changes. Now that EA and their Skate games have run their course and Activision also figured out that their custom-controller setup for Tony Hawk Ride & Shred was pretty awful from inception all the way through to execution, I guess it's time to return to the roots. Hence, Activision brings us Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, a downloadable title that tries to encompass the best of the first two games, gives everything a high-def overhaul, and drops us back in with much of the original licensed music and attitude.

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